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Empowering India's youth to move out of poverty

A new Magic Bus Livelihood center would provide disadvantaged young people in India with the right training and support to enable them to identify and achieve their personal and professional goals and move out of poverty.

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  • Need


    India has the largest unskilled youth population in world. In 15 years time, there will be 423 million Indians of working age unemployed and looking for work. The majority will be uneducated, less healthy, ill trained and highly marginalized. There are significant gaps in the youth development market including career counseling, life skills, mentoring and self-development skills. This has led to limited market success in terms of job placement and job retention.


    The Magic Bus Livelihood programme puts young people's needs first taking into account different starting points, education levels, aptitudes and employment targets. Our Livelihood programme empowers young people to identify their own employment or education targets and then provides the right mix of skill training, mentoring and support to achieve their placement goals. One to one mentoring throughout the journey motivates, inspires and mitigates the risk of dropout.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Participants of the programme are placed in employment, education or job based training.


    » Magic Bus will complete a market assessment in Jaipur to understand the local economy, employer demands for jobs and skill sets and youth needs.
    » Magic Bus will carry out a sports for development induction, one on one needs assessment , personal development plan and allocate a mentor.
    » Magic Bus will match the participants core skills to market needs, provide work experience visits and provide any necessary skills based training.

    We expect 70% of participants to progress to positive outcomes with 70% securing paid jobs and 30% progressing into further education or training.

    Aim 2

    Participants of the programme will sustain placement for a minimum of six months.


    » Participants will be mentored through out the placement and further coaching, student loans or bridge courses will be provided.

    We expect 75% to sustain work for six months or more which we will measure by keeping employment records.

  • Impact


    The project's long term goal is to ensure the participants are empowered and equipped with the right skills and confidence to choose the right pathway for them. Magic Bus is committed to working with young people from marginalized communities to empower them to live happy and independent lives. Sustaining work or further education is key to making this a reality.


    There is a risk in engaging the required numbers to run a programme and to avoid this risk we will look to recruit participants from our communities where we run our existing Magic Bus programme who are seeking to take up employment within six months.


    Funders of this project will be provided with a report every six months at the end of the programme cycle showcasing the outcomes and case studies of the participants.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £10,000

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      £10,000 Livelihood Programme Running our six month programme
  • Background


    Jaipur in Rajasthan in North west India.


    Young people from marginalized communities who are unemployed and not in further education.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    At present no other employment and training provider in India is delivering an end-to-end programme centred on youth’s needs and experiences. Magic Bus has designed this innovative offer to provide youth with the essential interventions and support that is required to fill the gaps in the current value chain. Magic Bus firmly believes that only by delivering this type of programme can we significantly increase the proportion of youth moving into successful employment and education outcomes.

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    Kusum Mohapatra

    Kusum is the strategic lead of our livelihood programme based in India.


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