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Project information

Pay for a Day

We would like donors to Pay for a Day of Hospicecare on our Inpatient Unit and Community Team at St Margaret's Hospice. Our specialist palliative care is available for adults living in county of Somerset with a life shortening illness.

This is an ongoing project

Charity information: St Margaret's Hospice

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  • Need


    St Margaret's Hospice is not part of the NHS, we are a charity. We provide our services free of charge and consequently we have to raise £5 million from our local community to pay for these services. If we can encourage donors to "Pay for a Day" it will assist us in raising these funds. Our services not only assist the patient with the illness we also support the whole family.


    Our Pay for a Day project will help raise the funds required to support the Hospice's clinical services. The donor who is providing funds for Pay for a Day can choose a significant date to them that they wish to pay for a day for. We will recognise this amazing deed by providing a certificate which will be placed in our reception area at the Hospice, this will then be posted to the donor as a keepsake. There name, if they wish, will also be placed on our website for that day.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    We want to have as many days sponsored by donors to cover the cost for a whole year of Hospicecare


    » This project will be promoted through all fundraising activity in particular major donors and charitable trusts
    » This revenue tool will be used within the community to help groups focus on what they can fundraise for throughout the whole year

    What success will look like

    Success will be receiving 365 days sponsored

  • Impact


    Pay for a Day will assist those who wish to donate to us have a goal which can then be recognised by choosing a special day in the year as thier day they want to pay for. We will be able to demonstrate the success of this project by monitoring every month the number of people who are committing to Pay for a Day. Success would be to have the whole year committed.


    A risk could be not enough promotion of Pay for a Day. This could be mitigated by ensuring a robust marketing plan is in place.


    Funders for this project will receive a quarterly update on the Hospice Activity. They will be provided with statistics to show how many people have benfitted from this project and the impact that has had.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £10,300

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      Amount Heading Description
      £10,300 Clinical Services Covers the cost of nursing, catering, domestic and medical consumables for the day for the hospice
  • Background


    We have two inpatient units, one in Yeovil and in Taunton in the county of Somerset.


    Our services are avaiable to the whole count of Somerset for those adults with a life shortening illness.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We are the leaders in palliative care in Somerset and the 4th largest Hospice in the UK. Not only to we provide specialist care to our patients we also support the whole family with what is often the hardest time of their lives.

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    Marisa Lovell-Fox

    Her role is as the Trust and Major Donor Manager. She is involved with the Pay for a Day Project from a trust and major donor point of view.

    Julia Poulton

    As Head of Fundraising she will assist with the promotion in all other areas of fundraising.