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Willow Project

To provide free counselling to young people up to the age of 19, living in the Wigan Borough. The service is generic and young people can self refer for support .There is no limit to the amount of sessions. Each client is supported individually and support is tailored to their needs.


Charity information: Willow Project

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  • Need


    Disadvantage. All young people deserve the right to live in a safe environment where they can develop aspirations and reach their potential. Many young people face adverse situations which affect their mental health, confidence and hope for the future. Counselling provides the opportunity to talk about concerns in a safe, non judgemental place. Helping young people to increase resilience, improve self esteem and confidence and develop and maintain healthy relationships helps them to reach their


    By empowering young people to take some control in their lives. Some young people seem to have few choices in how they live. Counselling helps them to recognise that they can still make choices that have a positive affect on their life and their future, even when living in difficult situation . Counselling cannot solve the problem but can provide the tools needed to make good choices in life and develop aspirations for a safe, happy and hopeful future where they can contribute positively to so

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To improve self confidence and self esteem in young people so that they can believe in themselves


    » Working 1: 1 using a variety of techniques, exercises and resources to increase self belief and recognise strengths and attributes to build on.

    What success will look like

    By using a variety of measuring techniques including no scales, teen stars, evaluation and counsellor observations we can reflect with the client on changes made during the journey

    Aim 2

    Increased resilience enables a young person to 'bounce back' from adverse situations


    » Using a variety of resources which recognise strengths and qualities and also developing positive activities which allow them to cope in a better way

    What success will look like

    Using measuring techniques including no. scales, teen stars evaluation and counsellor observation will provide a picture of progress throughout the journey.

  • Impact


    There will be a decrease in the need for mental health services for clients who have accessed counselling support. There will be an increase in school attendance and attainment and in the amount of young people wanting to contribute to society. We can demonstrate some of this success during evaluations at the end of therapy and from client feedback. Long term benefit will be from a lesser need for Mental Health support.


    No referrals - by networking and increasing our interactions with other agencies will ensure this is not a problem.
    Counsellors leaving- we have a bank of very experienced counsellors who we can access on an ad hoc basis . These are all self employed
    Lack of funding- We work on a shoe string budget and are unable to reduce our costs further. If we do not access ongoing funding we will not be able to continue service provision to support our young people. We are currently seeking funding support


    We currently provide reports to funders on a quarterley or yearly basis. We provide quantitative, and qualitative information about the work we do. We provide information from evaluations and feedback- all of which is anonymous. We also provide a breakdown of income and expenditure and accounts

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £80,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £18,000 manager Manage project, acquire funding, counselling cients
      £12,000 Admin worker Admin jobs, monitoring
      £5,000 Rent office rent and overheads
      £40,000 counselling sessions counselling sessions (1600 sessions at £25)
      £5,000 travel/ resources petrol costs, resources, training and supervision
  • Background


    Counselling is provided from various places across the borough including our centre in Leigh, the Youth Zone, Sure Start centres and other appropriate community buildings that are safe, private and easily accessible for young people. Our counsellors cover the whole of the borough making counselling provision as easy as possible for everyone


    Any young person aged up to 19, living in the Wigan Borough can benefit from the project. In addition to the young person we often find that other family members or fiends benefit indirectly from the counselling experience of the client. That is often because of changes in them which others witness or because family members enquire about the process and learn strategies.
    The community also may benefit due to a possible reduction in anti social behaviour or vandalism- if that is one of the issue

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We are a team of highly trained and experienced counsellors . Since setting up in 2009 we have developed an excellent reputation and liaise with many agencies who refer clients to us.We receive very good feedback .
    Willow offers a very flexible, accessible and non time related service making the process of getting help as stress free as possible. Young people can refer direct to the service. This addresses the reluctance and fear of judgement in requesting a referral through other pathways

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    Philippa Chapman

    An excellent counsellor who works hard to help young people to improve their lives. She is non judgemental and reassuring making clients feel safe.

    Chris Mcguirk

    Chris is the office administrator. She works hard to ensure monitoring information is collected . She has great pride in the quality of her work

    Janet Wilkinson- Volunteer

    Janet meets clients entering the centre and makes them welcome. She has a very warm personality which is very reassuring whilst clients wait for apts.