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Project information


A respite care to be first of its kind to provide a holistic care package to meet the needs of sickle cell sufferers. Estimated cost for building, equipment and other initial costs of £1.5M to develop a unique service. Government cuts affects vulnerable people especially those with SC & Thalassaemi

July 2015 - December 2016

Charity information: Wolverhampton Sickle Cell Care and social Activity Centre

Wolverhampton Sickle Cell Care and social Activity Centre logo
  • Need


    Sickle Cell disease not yet recognized by the government in the same way as other diseases and is unfortunately not given the resources to help individuals and families struggling with this life long illness to have a better quality of life. Their experiences from the time they go into SC crisis to when they leave hospital includes a host of problems, obstacles and traumas in getting medication and consideration for their external challenges, their children and general social care after leaving hospital.


    Provide pre and post care services. The respite is an extension of the services we are already providing with outreach services, addressing all areas of their circumstances and not just the symptoms. A case of solving many problems under one roof; reducing the need for lengthy stays and readmission to hospital. Also help to address the inequality that exists in the current social and medical care.Some clients has children that are considered young carer’s taking care of mom or dad and fend for themselves

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    • To identify and raise awareness of special care methods for black families and communities.


    » Through on going promotion and training the public, service users about the disease.

    What success will look like

    Success will be measured by the demand for the services and getting positive feedbacks from them and our partners. We anticipate getting referrals from other areas in the United Ki

    Aim 2

    • To identify effective support services and methods of delivery, both formal and informal.


    » Through consultation and assesments we identify needs and also sign post them to other multi-disciplinary organisation that provides additional help.

    What success will look like

    We will maintain close links with other service providers so we can sign post people who we are unable to help and others that need other services we do not provide.

    Aim 3

    • To provide support services for isolated and disadvantaged parents and sufferers.


    » When other support services fail to help. Our respite service will help to address the inequality that exists in the current social and medical care.

    What success will look like

    Success is the number of children that will have a stable life after getting the warmth care and attention from us. Success will be children performing better in schools.

    Aim 4

    • To improve the quality of life of people living with sickle cell to gain independence.


    » To provide advocacy support services, education and care we provide that enable clients to benefit from services that would not otherwise possible

    What success will look like

    Success will be receiving a number of positive results based upon our advocacy work on their behalf in pursuit of ensuring the clients have access to help when its needed.

    Aim 5

    • To act as a back-up support system for single parent families, during long stays in hospital.


    » Provide outreach service to handle light domestic, school runs and also provide social activities and outings during school breaks for the children.

    What success will look like

    Clients receive support during illness and in crisis will recover quicker whilst we are taking care of their other needs.

  • Impact


    More sufferers will receive medication earlier which will help speed up recovery. We will demonstrate success of this project by monitoring the benefits to our clients. Mothers who stays in the respite will no longer be separated for weeks and deprived of seeing their children whilst in recovery. The reduction in the length of time people stays in hospital being the most significant change and people living with the disease will enjoy a better quality of life. Keeping track of referral sources.


    The risk to this project is our inability to generate sufficient income to sustain the services. We have considered adding relevant areas in health care to tap into and to offer a fee-paying service in some aspect of the project to ensure regular income stream. We are are working with the Wolverhampton CCG, NHS (Clinical Commissioning Group) during the planning stage of developing this project to establish commissioning of services from NHS to provide care for early discharged SC clients.


    Donors will be kept informed through news and events posted to our website, annual reports, emails and other social media platform to provide on going activities and report of funds generated through this appeal. We will email regular donors on a monthly basis to keep them informed.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £1,500,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £300,000 Equipment for the facility
      £700,000 Building refurbishment or purchase building
      £500,000 Other Costs Initial running costs
  • Background


    We have not yet identified a particular building for the project. Our consideration is to find a community building to develop if we are unable to get the funds we need. The respite care facility has to be located in an area with less public noise and disturbances, somewhere conducive to care and recovery of patients.


    It is our ethos to include everyone regardless of their ethnicity, religion or race. We currently operate in one of Britain's worst deprived area of Bilston, in the West Midlands. Since we started as an organisation we have serviced over 200 clients, we have an active registered list of over 100 and each year our number of referrals increases. We anticipate a huge increase for services once the respite is up and running.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Wolverhampton S. C. Care has been in existence for 15 years, it is well known for providing excellent services. This organisation was started by an individual who was affected by the disease and 40 years on, is still caring for sickle cell sufferers. We also pioneered the holistic care for pre and post care for sickle cell sufferers as a result of the lack of care and understanding among medical professionals. Many of our ideas and methods are detailed on our website: www.sicklecellcare.net.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Claudette Mitchell

    Mrs Mitchell is the Founder/Director and she has SC trait. She is accountable for the general administration of the organisation.

    Th Board Of Management And Staff

    The board consisting of 5 individuals are the primary decision makers for the organisation. Presently with a staff team of 6 and 2 volunteers will


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