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Access to Water for 500 Rural Indian Families

Many rural Indian women and girls travel at least half a mile to reach a safe water source, taking up 25% of a women's day often carrying 20KG each trip. The Wello WaterWheel cuts down on the trips, eases the burden and gives time for other activities. More water means better health & hygiene..

February 2016 - January 2017

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  • Need


    In much of rural India it is often necessary to walk 4-6 km or more every day to fetch water. In the dry season they have to walk much further. The traditional method of carrying water, head-carrying a 20-litre container, can severely damage the spine, causing severe pain, potentially leading to complications during childbirth. Water collection and other chores are a primary reason for low school attendance amongst girls.


    The Wello WaterWheel is a 45L rolling drum that moves 3-5 times more water than possible using traditional methods, decreasing the amount of time spent by up to 60%. It is a low-cost, mobile solution that doubles the reach of existing water infrastructure such as wells and easily adapts to lifestyle, environment, and seasons, allowing access to different sources of water depending on availability. We want to make Wello WaterWheels available to 500 families with a deposit followed by monthly payments.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    500 families in rural India using WaterWheels to improve their access to water, health & hygiene.


    » Launch the Wello WaterWheel in an area through our partners Economic Development Programme. This will be done through their Self-help Group network.
    » Community Health Workers (CHWs) will run a health and hygiene training camp to help promote the launch and the benefits of using the WaterWheels.
    » On going monitoring by local project workers & CHWs on the implementation of the project and the use and impact of the WaterWheels on beneficiaries.

    A project worker will follow up each family receiving a WaterWheel. They will make sure that the initial deposits are paid, and then ensure that the monthly payments are collected.

    Aim 2

    To refine the business plan for the continued development and implementation of the project


    » Assess the different levels of deposit and repayments for the scheme and how the level of repayments is maintained by the beneficiaries

    Data will be collected from different project Locations and accessed to feed into the development of the business plan & model. Payments received will be reinvested in the project.

  • Impact


    Wello have seen amazing and inspiring results through their trial projects with households are saving up to 2 hours daily, and in some cases, men have begun to share the burden of water collection. Women are using their time productively to earn more income, girls can now focus on their studies. Use of a Waterwheel can empower, educate, and improve the health of women and girls. We will be monitor and evaluate the project to measure these potential of these and other benefits.


    There were delays with the initial production run of the WaterWheels in Mumbai but have been assured by Wello that these have been resolved. the Supply of WaterWheels is key to the project so this will continued to be monitored. We are two months in to our first pilot project with 70 waterwheels and are learning with 53 now distributed. The unit cost is an issue but this is being spread out using the deposit & repayment scheme. CHW's will monitor families & their adoption of hygiene practices.


    We will produce a update on the project every three months on the progress of the project. This will include details of the numbers of WaterWheels distributed and information on how they are being used by different families in various locations.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £28,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £15,000 WaterWheels Manufacture and Delivery of 500 WaterWheels @ £30 ea.l
      £6,000 10 Project Worker 10 Project worker at INR 4000 per month plus Oversight
      £7,000 Launch Events & Health Camps Cost of Launch events & Health Camps in 10 Locations

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Donations already Received £6,000 Guaranteed
  • Background


    Women and girls in rural India can spend 25% of their day collecting water for their daily needs. An individual needs 20 litres per person per day, for a family of 5 that is 100 litres every day. Some only manage to collect 5 litres per person which can have a negative effect on health and hygiene.
    The daily burden of water collection undermines productivity, limits educational opportunities and traps households in poverty.


    In rural India Women and Girls often walk 4-6 km or more every day to fetch water. In the dry season, it can be twice this distance. Collecting water also has negative impacts on health. The traditional method of carrying water – carrying a 20-litre pot on the head – can severely damage the spine, causing severe pain and even leading to complications during childbirth. Daily chores like this are a primary reasons that girls have lower school attendance rate than boys.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    RED International works with its partner in India, the Operation Mercy India Foundation (OMIF) on a variety projects. OMIF was invited by the Dalit leaders to work in the communities and is now well-established with extensive experience of this and other projects. By the end of 2014 they were running 107 Schools all over India in the poorer areas where Dalits live. Around 60 have networks of Self Help groups and Community Health Workers. This network is key for the distribution of WaterWheels

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Good SHepherd Economic Development (GSED)- National Director

    GSED is a separate division of OMIF. The National Director has overall responsibility for the organization and its work and future strategy.

Introduction to WaterWheel project by CEO of Wello


Enables one Family to have a Wello WaterWheel