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Project information

Project Remix with the CBSO

Through Project Remix, the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra provides musical excellence and opportunity. Committed to developing young people in the West Midlands, the project aims to build skills, expand musical interests and experiences and inspire a lifelong appreciation of live performance.

January 2016 - March 2016

Charity information: City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra

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  • Need


    As music provision in schools and local authorities is affected by funding cuts, young musicians are struggling to find opportunities to perform in high quality orchestral ensembles. With fewer young musicians pursuing their musical education, the future of live performance is under threat. We are well positioned to address this challenge. By delivering inspirational performance and training opportunities for young people from the West Midlands a new generation of musicians can flourish.


    Project Remix provides 120 young musicians with an opportunity to form a full size orchestra and chorus, learning specially commissioned repertoire that fuses classical performance with pop music. Participants will meet weekly for rehearsals and coaching with CBSO musicians, culminating in a public performance of classic disco and funk tracks at Symphony Hall. A further 70 musicians will take part in an inspirational and motivational ‘Come and Play’ day with CBSO mentors.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Engage more young people from across the West Midlands in high quality musical performance


    » The CBSO will work closely with local schools and music services to recruit a balanced orchestra

    What success will look like

    The number of young people involved in the project will be higher than previous years and will be drawn from a wider geographic area

    Aim 2

    Provide participants with mentoring and playing opportunities with professional musicians


    » Nine CBSO musicians will run sectionals and interact with participants on a weekly basis, providing feedback and encouragement along the way

    What success will look like

    Nine professional musicians will be involved in mentoring and coaching; positive participant feedback and weekly improvement will demonstrate success

    Aim 3

    Broaden participants’ musical experience and challenge perceptions of performance and repertoire


    » The repertoire performed fuses classical orchestral performance with pop music, exposing participants to a new genre

    What success will look like

    Fusing familiar pop music with orchestral and choral performance skills challenges participant’s perceptions of what an orchestra can do

    Aim 4

    Raise participants’ aspirations to continue a musical education and consider a career in music


    » Through interaction between participants and professional musicians over a prolonged period

    What success will look like

    Measure the number of participants who progress through CBSO activities and ensembles, including successful auditions for CBSO Youth Orchestra

    Aim 5

    Reinforce the versatility of professional musicians and the diversity of a symphony orchestra


    » Through the skills demonstrated by leading the project and the repertoire performed

    What success will look like

    Enable participants to experience CBSO performing non-classical repertoire and improve their performance through coaching by CBSO musicians

  • Impact


    Project Remix supports young people musically, socially and educationally, broadening their musical horizons and raising their aspirations. Success will be measured by the number of participants returning year on year, improved musical abilities, an increase in participants successfully auditioning for CBSO Youth Orchestra, new ensembles being developed as a result of meeting like-minded young people during the project and increased attendance at live performance by the participants’ families


    The main risk is that of participants dropping out, leaving an unbalanced ensemble. However, our experienced learning and participation team and musicians work closely with participants to ensure they feel comfortable and are fully engaged throughout. We do keep a reserves list should it be needed. The other risk would be a lack of young people wanting to participate, but by refreshing the repertoire and working closely with partners throughout the region this is unlikely.


    Project Remix donors will be kept up to date with the rehearsal process and invited to the final showcase on Friday 11 March. High level donors will also be given the opportunity to attend one of the rehearsal sessions to see how the project develops.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £26,500

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      Amount Heading Description
      £10,105 Orchestra rehearsals 7 weeks of orchestral rehearsal costs over 3 months
      £2,705 Chorus rehearsals 8 weeks of choral rehearsal costs over 3 month
      £3,550 Final Performance Hall hire, conductor and musician fees
      £1,740 Come and Play session Held for 120 musicians and singers
      £5,300 Music arrangement Orchestral and choral arrangement and documentation
      £3,100 Management and contingency Includes management and administration of entire project

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    The Douglas Turner Trust £10,000 Conditional
    Birmingham Music Service £2,500 Conditional
  • Background


    Activity takes place at CBSO Centre in the heart of Birmingham’s City Centre, but participants are drawn from across the West Midlands, traveling from 10 different Local Authority areas for the 2014 project. Birmingham has a population of 1.1 million, 45% of whom are under 30, and 42% of whom are from an ethnic background other than white. Birmingham also has the largest number of deprived areas of any local authority according to the Government’s English Indices of Deprivation 2010.


    The participants of Project Remix will gain a rare opportunity for personal and artistic development. By working closely with the young people over 3 months, CBSO musicians will inspire confidence and aspiration whilst developing social and personal skills. A potential legacy will be provided by signposting opportunities into other CBSO activities – this may include auditioning for our acclaimed Youth Orchestra or Youth Chorus or instrumentalists becoming a member of the Young Voices choir.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    The CBSO is the only professional symphony orchestra between Bournemouth and Manchester so is uniquely placed to deliver this activity in the Midlands. Due to the extensive educational programme, good relationships are held with local schools, music services, tutors and organisation; as such the organisation is well positioned to recruit young people. CBSO musicians involved in the project have experience in mentoring and coaching and have been involved in previous educational activity.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    CBSO Learning And Participation Team

    An experienced and dedicated team with good connections in the industry and the skillset required to deliver this multifaceted project

    CBSO Muscians

    Professional musicians who can coach, mentor and inspire young people

    CBSO Choral Leaders

    Professional singers who can enthuse and inspire young singers

    Music Arranger

    To create arrangements that are challenging but achievable and are fun to perform.

It has encouraged me to take music training further also particularly playing in group ensembles