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Providing essential school resources, Tanzania.

Government schools in Tanzania face an inordinate lack of even the most basic resources. This leads to poor pupil and staff motivation and attendance levels. This is especially marked in rural, remote communities. This project provides desks, blackboards, chalk & pens to 5 impoverished schools.

January 2016 - September 2016

Charity information: EdUKaid

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  • Need


    Tanzanian schools face many challenges: high teacher-child ratios (typically 1:73), high truancy and drop out rates, limited resources and poor pass rates at primary level - 44% in Mtwara (where EdUKaid operate), versus 75% in Dar es Salaam. Only 30% of children go on to transition to secondary school. Underfunded and unsupported, it is little surprise teachers & pupils feel de-motivated and absenteeism is high. Severe poverty further compounds the situation of low educational achievement.


    Providing basic resources is a key pre-requisite for enhancing teaching and learning. It also increases the motivation and confidence of both pupils and staff – a little support can transform an otherwise seemingly isolated and neglected existence. Our experience has shown us teacher and pupil absenteeism can also be reduced through the provision of basic resources. These are delivered alongside activities to engage and involve parents, headteachers, teachers and the local community.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To improve both teachers & pupils’ motivation through the creation of a better resourced environment


    » To make and deliver 168 desks across 5 government primary schools.
    » To repaint/repair all blackboards in 7 classrooms at 5 schools, and supply 30 boxes of chalk to each school.
    » To purchase and supply pens and pencils to 5 government primary schools.
    » To network, listen and support 5 government primary schools on the key challenges they face.

    What success will look like

    Success will be teachers’ (& pupils) enhanced motivation and greater productivity evidenced through improved attendance levels, and feedback.

    Aim 2

    To engage/involve key school stakeholders at 5 government primary schools: heads, teachers, parents.


    » Carry out 4 headteacher networking sessions with EdUKaid partner school heads, enabling ideas, challenges and best practice to be shared.
    » Bring Standards 1 & 2 teachers from 5 primary schools together to discuss plans, results & strategies for enhancing Standard 2 assessment outcomes.
    » Consult & collaborate with parents/local community in school matters: invite to community meetings, school events & to assist with porridge-making

    What success will look like

    Success will be greater stakeholder interest and support of the school, evidenced through meeting attendance and community/school feedback.

  • Impact


    We aim to enhance teaching & learning, contributing to pupils’ attainment. Basic resources can have a lasting impact: a smooth, workable blackboard & chalk contributes significantly to a teacher’s time in the classroom; new desks & matte painted blackboards mean pupils are more comfortable and engaged.

    Communities attach greater value to a better resourced school, and children’s attendance improves. Evidence will be higher attendance & enrolment, improved Standard 2 & school leaving results.


    Remote village communities can have little respect and support for their local schools, with limited value attached to schooling and subsequent high pupil absenteeism. All EdUKaid’s school improvement initiatives are coupled with activities to build community relations and garner their support.

    A headteacher may be reassigned elsewhere. EdUKaid has no control over this, however our networking with partner school heads (& local authority) ensures there is strong support for any new heads.


    Donor reporting will be on a six monthly basis sent via email (or as donors require), providing updates, feedback and photos of current and future project activities. Any unanticipated project developments or changes will be reported.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £15,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £10,900 Desks Production and delivery of 168 desks (for 2 pupils), incl materials, labour & transportation costs
      £1,500 Blackboards & chalk Repaint/repairs to all blackboards & 30 boxes of chalk for 5 government primary schools
      £1,000 Pens & pencils Purchased and delivered to 5 government primary schools
      £800 Community/school engagement Holding community meetings, headteachers' networking sessions, parents' resource-making workshops.
      £800 Direct project staff costs Tz Build Site Manager, Tz Project Manager. UK Programme Manager to hold overall responsibility.
  • Background


    The Mtwara region is one of the poorest & most rural in Tanzania – itself one of the poorest countries in the world. The majority of families are subsistence farmers, where drought & food security are major issues. Oil & Gas have been discovered off the coast, but wealth has not filtered into the region. Educational achievement is low and schools face a lack of basic resources: teachers, desks, books, latrines - some have simply run out of all chalk. Teachers’ attendance is poor.


    There is between 300-400 children aged 7-13 years, 7-10 teachers and approximately 50 pre-school children aged 4-6 years at each of the schools. They are located in rural and impoverished settings in and around Mtwara with village populations between 5,000-10,000.

    Families are mostly subsistence farmers with little/no cash income. Many of the children live within extended families as parents move away to find work, or having lost one or both parents to disease.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    EdUKaid has been working in the Mtwara region since 2003. Our projects are delivered by a team of local staff who are well known, trusted and respected within the communities we support; providing insight and local solutions. We source materials, equipment and labour locally, helping to provide employment and to stimulate the local economy. We have strong partnerships with 10 primary schools and wish to support additional schools in the region, delivering positive and measureable outcomes.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Clare Nolan, UK Programme Manager (MSc) - Staff

    Clare has extensive experience of overseas development in Southern Tanzania & has overall project responsibility.She has worked at EdUKaid for 3 years

    Ally Muksini, Tanzanian Build Site Manager - Staff

    Ally will manage resource production/delivery project activities: desk making, blackboard painting and school deliveries.

    Ally Simber, Tanzanian Project Manager - Staff

    Ally will oversee the project in Tanzania including: expenditure, school/community liaison, monitoring and feedback to the UK.

    School Headteachers - Partners

    The school headteachers have agreed to collaborate with EdUKaid and wherever they can support community and parent engagement initiatives.


will buy a locally made desk for two children.

7 out of 10 children leaving primary school in Tanzania are unable to read basic Swahili; 9 out of 10 are unable to read basic English.

USAID, 2014