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Boreholes for Awutu: to provide clean & safe water

Providing clean and safe water at a fee-free secondary school in Ghana for disadvantaged children and young people.

6 months depending on funding

Charity information: EDP (Educational Development Projects) Trust

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  • Need


    In the developed world, we sometimes take for granted clean and safe water. Sadly, in the developing world, clean and safe water remains an issue and is vital to saving lives. Drinking dirty water can have life-threatening consequences. Some people have suffered diseases, and in some cases led to death from drinking contaminated water.


    Sink two boreholes - and bring life-saving water to over 500 young disadvantaged children in an impoverished community in Ghana

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Bring life-saving water to over 500 young disadvantaged children in Awutu, Ghana


    » Drill and sink two boreholes

    What success will look like

    Children and members of staff at the school will be able to access clean and safe water on the premises

  • Impact


    The long term changes can be demonstrated by improved access to clean and safe water at the school and in the community.
    Children at the school would not need to drink contaminated water sourced from elsewhere.


    The most pressing risk is the risk of not securing funds. However, we are appealling to all our supporters in the UK for funds. We are also seeking funds from Trusts and Foundations to enable us meet our goal.


    We will send regular project updates through our enewsletters.We will also send an annual report of the Borehole project and the positive changes their gift has made at the end of the year.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £4,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £4,000 2 Boreholes Cost towards manual labour and the costs of drilling and sinking the borehole
  • Background


    Awutu-Bereku is an impoverished area of Southern Ghana, around 50 miles west of the capital Accra. Awutu-Winton Senior High School (AWSHS) aims to provide high quality and free senior secondary education to the neediest youth in the local communities. The school environment is conducive to learning; AWSHS is an oasis of green space compared to the arid land that surrounds it. The school provides a peaceful, pleasant alternative to the cramped chaos of most students’ homes.


    Disadvantaged children, young people, and local community.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We believe that education is the only route out of poverty and despair, and is the gift that no child in our world should be denied. We want to ensure that children at the school have access to safe clean water to ensure that no one becomes ill because of not having access to clean and safe water. Boreholes are long lasting, so this project will be a gift that keeps on giving. We already have designated land for the borehole site and have good relationships in the community.

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    Rajib Manandhar

    Since Nov. 2004, Rajib has been volunteering in Ghana managing the capital projects. Rajib is well advanced in his training as an architect in the UK.

We need clean water at the school!

We need clean water at the school!