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Strong Playful Families Successful Children

UBG will deliver an innovative project into the bonding effects of children and families playing together. The project will work with Hackney schools and Libraries to cultivate community cohesion and address student attainment gaps and inter-generational tensions.

April 2018 - April 2019

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  • Need


    25% of Hackneys population is under 20 years old and they are more diverse than the older 75%. Hackney Schools students come from diverse ethnic and economic backgrounds causing huge differences in attainment and aspiration. As a result many young people get disaffected with their education and their families are unable to help due to inter-generational and cultural gaps. Hackney young people are also surrounded by knife crime, bullying and social exclusion issues.


    By facilitating inter generational game playing workshops in safe and neutral environments UBG will target families in need of communication support and use playing games designed by local young people which celebrate their culture to break down barriers between parents and young people and start to build positive communication pathways. It has been proven that the poorest families benefit form extra curricular activities which will broaden their expectations and raise their aspirations

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Engage and inform a wide range of young people from diverse backgrounds in positive activities.


    » Run ten workshop per term over 3 terms in neutral safe spaces, libraries and museums.
    » use our extensive network in local education, community organisations, charities, adventure playgrounds to identify families who can benefit.
    » Run public events to promote the project and identify children and families to benefit from the project.

    What success will look like

    Success will be identifying and having at least 10 families involved in each term of workshops and bringing together children and families from diverse backgrounds.

  • Impact


    The project will impact positively on the problem of social cohesion as identified by the Hackney Sustainable Community Strategy. Hackney has the challenge of building community relations between diverse groups many of whose children attend single faith schools, there is also an issue with inter-generational tensions and postcode divisions which our project will breakdown many of the misconceptions generated by lack of opportunity to communicate and connect with people from diverse backgrounds.


    One risk could be not attracting sufficient families to our project, we have dealt with this risk by fostering close links with many partner organisations who can identify children and families in need, for example The learning Trust, Family learning, Hackney Virtual schools, Claudia Jones, Dalston Children's Network, Hackney Museum, Hackney Libraries, Urswick Academy, Our lady's Convent school, Gillett Squared, Dalston Square Action group, Donna Fugassa cafe and The Vortex Foundation.


    Donors for this project will receive a termly email report which will include feedback on how the project is progressing, quotes and images from the participants and UBG's evaluation of the impact of playing together for families in need.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £12,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £4,000 Workshops delivering celebratory communication games workshops
      £4,000 Public Events game playing in public spaces to find new children and families
      £1,200 Organisation Contacting schools and organisations to identify families
      £800 Admin space hire, costs to cover organisational admin
      £1,500 Evaluation collating and creating report of project outcomes
      £500 Publicity promotion of project
  • Background


    Our Project will be located in Museums, Libraries and public spaces across Hackney to reach the most diverse groups of participants possible. UBG will use our network with diverse local organisations.


    Children and Families in need of help with communication between themselves and with school authorities. Our Children and families will come from diverse cultural, ethnic and economic backgrounds to reflect the reality for young people in Hackneys Schools and also to create a rich mix for learning and community cohesion.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    UBG has experience of delivering creative and innovative projects tackling challenging issues to young people and their families in hard to reach and excluded communities. The organisation has a library of bespoke educational tools designed by young people for young people ready to engage and inspire. UBG also has a growing networks of links with young people and families organisations plus a growing database of families who can benefit from our workshops.

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    Leroy Golding

    Leroy is the driving force behind this project which grew out of his years of experience of working and living with local young people and families.

Kingsmeade Families Playing together

Kingsmeade Families Playing together


pays for one families workshop

My son is quite a shy child, i have never seen him open up and confidently interact with other children until these games events.