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Conjure up a brekky- Make hunger vanish

Every day in the UK, over half a million children go to school hungry. Magic Breakfast currently provides a free healthy breakfast to 22,000 school children every day. The big idea is to reach an extra 6,000 children every day.

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Magic Breakfast

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  • Need


    Magic Breakfasts mission is to solve the problem of child hunger in the mornings for good. We want to give our partner schools the tools and guidance to set up and run brilliant breakfast clubs.


    The two year project will work with schools to ensure that all hungry children are being reached; optimising clubs by making sure the value of each school's breakfast provision is maximised. Each school will have a dedicated member of the Magic Breakfast school team to guide them on this journey to have a breakfast club reaching every child at risk of coming to school hungry.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To set up and develop optimium breakfast clubs in 6 new schools


    » Get the breakfast provision up and running
    » Ensure all hungry children are being reached- working with the different teams in the school to assess if they are reaching hungry children
    » Optimse the club Maximizing the value of breakfast provision Ensure the club is valued by children, staff and parents Adds value to the school day

    All schools on the project will provide termly reports. This data will demonstrate the impact the breakfast club is having on morning hunger & children’s behavior in the classroom

  • Impact


    The 2 year programme will ensure each of the school breakfast clubs are safe-guarded for the future. The breakfast club will therefore be ingrained as part of the school day with every hungry child will have access to a free healthy breakfast. The success will be demonstrable through increasing size of the breakfast club, increased punctuality and attendance and educational attainment levels.


    Schools may not be engaged with the project. -We have a very experienced School Change Leader team to show them the positive difference it will make to the school.

    Staff members may supplement Magic Breakfast provision with unhealthy food.- The SCL team will work with the school and suggest items are removed from the offering, sharing learning from other schools.


    We will provide a termly update on the project which will include case studies and breakfast club statistics. These updates will ensure all donors are made aware of the impact their support is having to help stop child hunger in the mornings for good.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £71,050

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      Amount Heading Description
      £42,840 Food aid and resources Porridge, bagels, cereals, fresh fruit juice, Bowls, plates, Fridges, toasters, Printed materials
      £22,218 Capacity Building and events School Change Leaders working with each school, Children's Voice, Parent nutrition, regional events
      £5,992 Evaluation, Overheads, Travel -
  • Background


    The project will be national. Once we have secured funding, we will choose 5 schools with that most urgently need our support from the waiting list or schools currently on the food aid project. The schools will be confirmed after December 2015.


    310 children will benefit each school day, receiving 60,000 breakfasts.
    Helps vulnerable children before they impact on the classroom learning

    School and teachers
    Our schools see punctuality, attendance & concentration improve
    Ofsted now recognise the benefits of bf clubs

    Parents are encouraged to volunteer at the breakfast club, which builds up their confidence and is good for their CV to help them get back to work.
    We also run Food Hygiene courses for parents

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Magic Breakfast is currently running the project in 184 schools with funding from the Department for Education (match funding). The project is ending in January 2016 and we are now looking for funding to take on another 150 schools.
    Our focus is on healthy food and solving the problem for good, not all breakfast charities focus on these aims.
    We have helped schools to set up and run breakfast clubs for over 13 years. We have learnt a great deal from our 444 schools and share the learning.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Magic Breakfast School Team

    We have a school team of 11 who are regionally based and work with a set number of schools to ensure they reach every child coming to school hungry.


Provide a child with breakfast everyday

Usually mum is busy in the morning and can't make a big breakfast. She had the baby so gets up really early. Its easier to come here.

Child from school in Tottenham