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Lighting the last mile!

We go to places other businesses don't. With the money raised from the Big Give we will incur the cost of visiting the most remote regions, we will take the time needed to build trust in unfamiliar technology and we will ensure that the very poorest aren't left behind in the race for energy.

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Charity information: SolarAid

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  • Need


    Nearly 600 million people in Africa live without access to electricity. With no affordable source of light they are trapped in a cycle of poverty. Their working day grinds to a halt when the sun goes down every evening. A world without light, is a world of poverty, ill-health and missed opportunity. Yet the solution already exists.


    Solar lights save money and improve health, education and well-being. They are a game changer. But the people who need them most can't access them. With your help we distribute solar lights to even the most remote rural communities, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to buy their way out of poverty. We sell lights through our award winning social enterprise, SunnyMoney, as we believe business solutions are the only way to tackle issues in a truly sustainable manner.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Enable more children to study after dark in Africa's most remote regions.


    » Make solar study lights accessible to students through school campaigns.

    Through our impact and research team we are able to conduct follow up interviews with those that own a solar light. We will ask parents about their child's study hours.

    Aim 2

    Help families to save an average of 15% of their income


    » Provide SunnyMoney with the funding to reach remote areas will enable people to purchase solar lights and save money.

    We ask all of our solar light customers how much money they save from solar lights and what they spend their money on now with their savings.

    Aim 3

    Give people the opportunity to access light at night for better health


    » Encourage people to own a solar light and provide them with details on the health benefits for their entire families

    We receive feedback from our solar buyers on how their families health has improved since receiving a solar light. We will conduct similar follow ups from this project.

  • Impact


    By selling lights, a solar market is catalysed and money is reinvested into SolarAid's work creating new jobs and ensuring money stays in the local community. We are pioneering a really sustainable model and aiming to develop true renewable energy access in off grid communities in Africa.
    Our in country teams analyse the solar markets they work within/to develop on an ongoing basis. Tanzania's solar lamp market is now saturated though many areas are still yet to see a solar lamps elsewhere.


    There are a number of risks that could affect the project. The fact the SunnyMoeny staff are trying to access very remote regions in Africa provides us with an array of potential problems - safety and societal barriers are high risk factors here. Additionally we face trust issues from our customers as they will have had no experience with solar products. We are product neutral and distribute the most robust pico solar products available. This minimises risks related to product quality.


    We use a range of methods to report to donors regularly from providing up-to-date e-newsletters and thank you letters on our Impact and Research. We additionally use interactive features such as our Impact Calculator that’s hosted on our website and showcase impact through bespoke piktocharts too.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £80,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £15,000 4800 solar lights in Tanzania This is how much it will cost to get 4800 solar lights to remote areas in Tanzania
      £20,000 6450 solar lights in Zambia This is how much it will cost to get 6450 solar lights to remote areas in Zambia
      £20,000 6450 solar lights in Kenya This is how much it will cost to get 6450 solar lights to remote areas in Kenya
      £15,000 4800 solar lights in Malawi This is how much it will cost to get 4800 solar lights to remote areas in Malawi
      £10,000 3200 solar lights in Uganda This is how much it will cost to get 3200 solar lights to remote areas in Uganda
  • Background


    SolarAid works in three countries in East Africa –Malawi, Uganda and Zambia. We work to reach those living in the most remote areas of Africa - those at the last mile.


    90% of our solar light customers live below the poverty line. We are working to make solar lights accessible to all of those that live off grid in Africa. Catalysing the solar market is integral for this to happen.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We are the leading light distributors in Africa. We have so far enabled 10 million people to benefit from solar lighting in Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

    SolarAid wholly owns the social enterprise SunnyMoney which has been set up to distribute the best quality lights at a fair market price in Africa.

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    Caesar Mwangi

    Caesar Mwangi is SunnyMoney's new CEO managing all country staff directors and teams.

    Ronald Isabirye

    Ronald Isabirye is the Ugandan Operations Director and manages his team to distribute solar lights

    Morton Kaunda

    Mortion Kaunda is a project coordinator in Malawi and works on the ground to distribute lights with his team


Enables us to distribute 12 solar lights