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Gabrieli Roar 2016

Gabrieli Roar is an ambitious, long-term choral training project aimed at exceptional teenage singers. Through a network of partnerships with UK youth choirs we offer young singers mentoring, world-class choral training and unique professional performing and recording opportunities.

January 2016 - July 2016

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  • Need


    Increasingly there is a lack of choral training provision for young people. Where choirs of young singers do thrive. they are often run by individual directors, working tirelessly and in isolation, with very limited resources. They have few, if any, opportunities to perform with an orchestra or to hear professional singers at first-hand, their repertoire has to be limited to suit the size and standard of the choir, and the young singers have little knowledge of the professional music business.


    We help choirs by offering long-term, in depth training and mentoring for their singers, side-by-side performance projects with our internationally renowned consort, and world-class recording opportunities with our professional period instrument orchestra. We assist directors with recruitment drives and repertoire choices and offer increased performance opportunities for their choirs. We ensure that financial means are not a barrier to involvement.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To offer expert choral training to young singers from across the UK


    » Roar chorus director Greg Beardsell will launch the year with a 'Kickstarter' in which the repertoire and our way of training are introduced.
    » Two professional singers from Gabrieli will be assigned to each choir to work in as mentors to the choir throughout the year.
    » Greg Beardsell and artistic director Paul McCreesh will lead individual rehearsal sessions with each choir throughout the year.
    » Paul McCreesh will run a final residential course of intense training prior to performances in February and July.

    Feedback questionnaires from young singers and directors. Monitoring of choirs' standards at beginning and end of training programme. Reports from mentors and Roar Chorus Director.

    Aim 2

    Offer performance opportunities placing young singers side by side with Gabrieli's professionals.


    » Showcase performance at Southwark Cathedral on 16 February 2016
    » Major performance and recording project in July 2016, venue yet to be confirmed.

    Performances will be public, attended by critics and members of the public, will be photographed and written reports will be made by selected Gabrieli singers and Chief Executive.

    Aim 3

    Development of the standard, repertoire and focus of individual youth choirs.


    » Mentors will work with choir directors to choose new repertoire, assist with recruitment, offer rehearsal assistance and vocal training.
    » Youth choirs will work together to develop a code of practice sharing and peer learning.
    » Participation will lead to good publicity for choirs; performances and recordings can be used to help to improve their profile locally and nationally.

    Choir directors will be asked for feedback in how involvement in the programme has enabled them to develop the choir.

  • Impact


    Long term changes anticipated include:
    - Improved quality of the choirs: success demonstrated by recordings of individual choirs.
    - Increased variety of choirs' activity: success demonstrated by feedback from members and report from choir directors.
    - Greater resilience, thanks to increased profile and an improved recruitment process: success demonstrated by press coverage and statistics on recruitment.


    This project is dependent on individual donations and Trust funding: we have created a portfolio of different funders to contribute towards the project, rather than being dependent on one or two core funders, to limit this vulnerability.
    We are very dependent on our lead artists; we have therefore ensured that we are not overly dependent on one artist by assigning two mentors to every choir and appointing a Chorus Director to support and work alongside our Artistic Director.


    Donors will be kept updated via our newsletters, photographs and sound clips on social media. We will provide reports of all major training events and all donors will be given the opportunity to hear our performances. Donors based near our partner choirs will also be made aware of local performances

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