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Perth Youth Theatre's 50th Anniversary

A 12 month celebratory project to showcase and develop Scotland’s oldest Youth Theatre. Responsible for initiating many respected alumni into the arts where they've carved out illustrious careers. PYT deserves to shine! This 50th anniversary project will focus the spotlight on its history and future

January 2016 - December 2016

Charity information: Horsecross Arts Ltd

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  • Need


    In 2016 Perth Youth Theatre (PYT) will celebrate its 50th anniversary. As Scotland’s oldest Youth Theatre PYT has trained and developed some of the nation’s most talented theatre-makers like Ewan McGregor, Iain Grieve and more recently Sally Reid and Ross McKay. To celebrate the numerous achievements of PYT alumni and offer brand new creative and performance experiences for current members living in Perth and Kinross, we will deliver a year-long Perth Youth Theatre 50th anniversary project.


    As well as providing a large-scale celebration of the legacy of PYT, our project will focus on three key themes – participation, progression and provision – by encouraging participants to fully contribute and take creative risks; by creating regular encounters for PYT members to meet and collaborate with PYT alumni; and by making PYT more accessible through the provision of satellite theatre skills/performance workshops.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Organise a successful International Youth Theatre Exchange project


    » Secure a visit from and performance by Midnite Youth Theatre, Perth, Australia at Perth Concert Hall in January 2016
    » Return trip and performance by Perth Youth Theatre Company at Midnite Youth Theatre’s home in Perth, Australia, late 2016
    » Grow and showcase PYT members’ own creative skills whilst enabling them to travel and build a network of other young creative people across the globe

    Positive participant feedback, continued interaction via online exchange of creative ideas and the development of successful international Youth Theatre partnership

    Aim 2

    Provide theatre skills/performance workshops in deprived areas of Perthshire and rural locations


    » 6-week open-access PYT satellite projects in four rural communities across Perth and Kinross as part of the Perth Theatre Out and About programme
    » Engage young people across the region who, due to location/travel costs, may not otherwise be able to engage with the work of Perth Youth Theatre
    » Perth Youth Theatre Company national performance tour in summer 2016 as part of the Perth Theatre Out and About programme

    Positive participant and community feedback and increased PYT membership as a result of outreach programme and bursary offers to satellite project participants

    Aim 3

    Perth Youth Theatre members to work creatively with and be inspired by successful PYT alumni


    » Monthly master classes for PYT members focusing on theatre-making/performance skills delivered by PYT alumni
    » PYT alumni who have carved out successful careers in the creative industries to give PYT members invaluable experience, insight and inspiration
    » Creation and maintenance of PYT Alumni Facebook group, where former members can share pictures and stories from their time with Perth Youth Theatre

    Positive participant and alumni feedback, transferrable skills for PYT members, re-engagement of alumni and their recruitment as champions of PYT in public forums

    Aim 4

    PYT Heritage Exhibition to celebrate PYT’s success and to engage the wider community with its work


    » Exhibition of Perth Youth Theatre photography and memorabilia in the Threshold Artspace, Perth Concert Hall, autumn 2016
    » Perth Youth Theatre gala performance at Perth Concert Hall in November 2016

    Promotion of the history and sector-importance of PYT amongst members, audiences and public and a lasting legacy for former, current and future members of PYT

  • Impact


    Artistic: The artistic growth and personal development of PYT members via the exchange of creative ideas and processes with international partners in Perth, Australia and PYT alumni
    Educational: A more accessible and comprehensive PYT for communities in and around Perth
    Social: PYT’s 50th anniversary will give us a unique opportunity to develop local, national and international partnerships through our satellite projects, PYT Company tour and Youth Theatre exchange


    Without sufficient funds, the full potential of our ambitious programme will not be realised, in particular the international exchange which will be a truly once in a lifetime opportunity for many participants. If we do not reach our target in full, we will still be able to run a few of our events: the alumni reconnect scheme and satellite workshops which will be still be of benefit to the lives of young people across Perthshire, where services are limited or absent and where we are needed most.


    Participants will complete a monitoring form, pre and post-project evaluation forms and give regular feedback on the project. We will continually adjust the sessions accordingly and ascertain what the young people have gained. A presentation will document and highlight the programme delivered.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £65,865

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      Amount Heading Description
      £3,600 Monthly Master Classes Alumni masterclasses for all current PYT members
      £3,640 Satellite Workshops 6-week satellite theatre-making/performance workshops for up to 60 young people in rural locations
      £15,000 PYT Company National Tour National tour with up to 20 PYT members
      £7,750 PYT Heritage Exhibition & Gala PYT members to curate anniversary exhibition and all current PYT members to perform at gala
      £35,875 PYT Perth, Australia Trip International exchange with Perth, Australia for up to 20 PYT members
  • Background


    With Perth Theatre currently dark whilst it commences a transformational redevelopment, Perth Concert Hall steps up as the temporary home of PYT and provides a 1000+seater auditorium along with a smaller studio space and a number of break-out rooms to house all of the Perth (Scotland) based-events. The scale of the project will also see PYT Company members touring the country with its work and perhaps most excitingly travelling to Perth, Australia as part of an international exchange.


    PYT is open to all young people aged 3-18 with an interest in the arts, especially drama – including those with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other vulnerable young people in our communities, particularly those from North Perth, an extensive area of social housing with high levels of poverty and deprivation. For many young people living in remote rural areas of Perthshire, travel-time/transport links and costs are a barrier to participation which our satellite projects will help to break down.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Our Creative Learning programme is huge. It's not an add-on or token gesture; it's central to everything we do. Our dynamic Creative Learning team is committed to providing enriching drama events and resources for all young people. We work in Perth, the wider local community and educational settings to create bespoke inspirational projects. We're everywhere! From 10 years’ experience our projects can improve life chances, health and wellbeing, integrate communities and open doors to achievement.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Horsecross Creative Learning Team

    Our passionate, growing team is dedicated to expanding our offering of life-changing drama events and resources for young people of all ages

    Perth Youth Theatre Members

    Going from strength to strength, our PYT members are enthusiastic about developing, learning, creating and performing – there’s no stopping them!

    Perth Youth Theatre Alumni

    Using skills developed at PYT, our admired alumni have established great careers across creative industries and a wealth of knowledge and experience

"I feel like my life changed that first day I walked into Perth Theatre. It was the best thing that happened to me!"

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