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Rice for schools and children's homes in Thailand

Thailand is one of the world's biggest producers of rice but thousands of people still live in poverty and struggle to feed their children. This project will provide enough nutritious food to feed 1,200 hungry children, living in children's homes for orphans and children with HIV, for a full year.

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  • Need


    Thailand is feeling the effects of a drought, the worst the country has seen in 15 years. This has had a direct impact on the country's agriculture. We support children's homes for orphans and children with HIV that are struggling to provide enough food for their children. Some homes have working farms but the drought has ruined their crop production, meaning they have to buy food instead. The homes are faced with inflated rice and vegetable prices as the market reacts to limited produce.


    This project will help children's homes to buy additional food needed to feed all the children the house. The homes need supplementary items such as rice, fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, salt, oil and herbs to ensure they can continue giving the children in their care 3 full and nutritious meals a day.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To provide 1,200 children with enough rice & staple food items to feed them 3 meals a day for 1 year


    » Send children's homes the funds to buy the food they need to feed their children for one year.

    All children will be well fed and at a healthy weight.

    Aim 2

    To ensure that children don't suffer malnutrition or go hungry.


    » Monitor children's health, weight and development through our partners in Thailand.

    Children will be in good health and demonstrate the health benefits of nutritious meals.

    Aim 3

    To ensure the poorest schools have enough food to feed students a healthy meal at lunchtime.


    » Provide schools in our Nutrition Programme with the rice, fresh vegetables and ingredients needed to feed their students a healthy lunch.

    Children will eat a nutritious meal every day at school and will be more focused in the classroom as a result.

  • Impact


    Children with healthy diets benefit from enhanced physical and mental development. A nutritious and well-rounded diet will ensure that children grow strong and fight disease, particularly important for HIV patients. Children who are hungry or suffering the effects of malnutrition are unable to focus in school and so their education suffers. This project sees feeding children as a simple catalyst to long-term health benefits and a better education, demonstrated by more children finishing school.


    This project is relatively low risk, as it will provide the funds needed for children's homes to buy additional food produce in light of droughts which affect their own crop production. We have reduced many risks by working with trusted partners on the ground to deliver services. We have built exceptional working relationships with the children's homes benefiting from this project and we trust that should any problems arise we will be able to work in collaboration to resolve them.


    We will issue quarterly newsletters and more regular e-updates to donors who wish to be kept informed of the project's progress. Case studies of children benefiting from the project are an effective way of demonstrating impact and telling a human story. Information will also be on our website.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £50,168

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      Amount Heading Description
      £16,476 Rice and food items For children's home in Nong Khai (145 children)
      £10,567 Rice and food items For childrens' home in Mae Sot (93 children)
      £13,325 School lunches School lunch for 4 schools (970 children) in Mae Sot
      £9,800 Rice and dry food Cooking oil, fish, tinned fish, salt, beans for 419 children in Mae Sot
  • Background


    The children's homes that we will support through this project are based in Nong Khai, northern Thailand, and Mae Sot, north-west Thailand on the border of Myanmar. A number of schools in Mae Sot will also benefit so they can provide school lunches to students.


    In Nong Khai the project will benefit children and teenagers living with HIV or who have lost their parents to HIV. There are 145 children living in this home. In Mae Sot the children are Burmese refugees, living in the large and extremely poor migrant community. Many of the children have been abandoned by their families, trafficked into Thailand or are orphans with no way of contacting extended family. They are part of one of Thailand's most underprivileged and disadvantaged minorities.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Thai Children's Trust has been working to protect and provide for vulnerable children in Thailand for 33 years. The projects we support are instrumental in ensuring disadvantaged and at risk children remain safe, well fed, housed and in school. We have nurtured relationships with our partners in Thailand to ensure that every penny is used to better the lives of these children. We fight for every child to get a good start in life, to have an education and to enjoy a happy childhood.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Nono Seesar

    Nono is Project Coordinator in Mae Sot, northwest Thailand. She will actively oversee the distribution of food to beneficiaries under this project.

    Fr Mike Shea

    Founder of Sarnelli House in Nong Khai, Mike has dedicated his life to serving people with HIV. He is a pillar of hope to hundreds of children.

    Charlie Drury

    Charlie works at the TCT London office. She will coordinate fundraising for this project via the Big Give and will liaise with partners in Thailand.