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Educating Young Adults in Guatemala and the UK

Access to education enables young people to transform their lives and have a better future. This project will provide funding for marginalised youth who do not have access to mainstream education or non-traditional learning. We work with local schools, colleges and partner organisations.

January 2016 - December 2016

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  • Need


    Guatemala is one of the poorest countries in Latin America with 25% of its population being illiterate. The average schooling is 4 years and only 30% of children graduate from sixth grade. Children are forced to dropout due to schooling costs.

    A report by the Youth Select Committee concluded that formal education falls short in providing UK youth with the necessary life skills. This project provides learning opportunities to gain social and emotional skills linked to positive life outcomes.


    Bursaries for school and college education will be offered to 60 young adults in Guatemala. In the UK the learning will be done through social action aimed at 20 young adults.

    Across both locations a combination of monthly activities such as, community and social initiatives will be used to develop new skills and aspirations.

    Young adults will have the opportunity to organise and participate in these. This project is supported and managed by a Mentor structure.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Secure better future prospects for young people.


    » Formal education such as attending school, college, short courses and training.
    » Gaining qualifications and skills.
    » Enterprise training, provided by experts in their field, to help young adults in Guatemala to start and grow small businesses using their own funds.

    Start 65 young people in some form of formal or informal education across both locations in 2016.

    Aim 2

    See each young person experience personal growth and have the desire to help others.


    » Group events such as educational and topical talks.
    » Group events such as team building and social activities, which encourage new experiences (‘give it a go’).
    » Relationship building and mentoring. Mentored Young Adults have the opportunity to become mentors themselves in the future.

    Have 100 young adults participate in the one-day group events across both locations.

    Aim 3

    Invest in self and the local community.


    » Lead community initiatives such as; Community Plunge, Local Clean-up, visiting nursing homes/hospitals, build shower and toilet facility in houses.
    » Young adults are encouraged to develop and implement their own ideas

    Complete 20 community events across both locations.

    Aim 4

    Promote collaboration between young people across continents, amongst mentors and their community.


    » Fundraising events across locations; e.g ‘Cycle Challenge’ and ‘Sleep Out’ (sleeping rough for one night to rise awareness of youth homelessness)
    » Produce a music video by the young adults in Guatemala in response to a video 'No Correlation' - Community Albums made by the youth in the UK.

    Run 1 successful fundraiser mirrored across Guatemala and the UK.

  • Impact


    Success will be demonstrated by the number of young people across both countries who:
    • complete education, community and/or group events in 2016
    • progress onto further education, community and group events in 2017
    • develop and lead their own community initiatives
    • collaborate with each other across the two countries via face-time to foster new ideas.
    The project will provide young people increased confidence and a stepping-stone to positive life outcomes.


    Due to the high poverty in Guatemala many young people are forced to drop out of school to help support families. By providing an education bursary, mentor support and family intervention we aim to reduce this risk. Given the profile in the UK, there is a general hesitance in young people to participate in new initiatives. Through our mentoring programmes and group events over the past year at the Foyer and Rachel House, we have encouraged change in attitudes through trust and relationships.


    We send thank you emails and newsletters to our donors, and reports to major donors, telling them how their donations have been used.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £70,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £46,200 Guatemala Education bursaries Bursaries for 12 months including, tuition, stationary and transport for 60 beneficiaries
      £10,000 1-2-1 and group mentoring Support for 12 months across both countries for 80 beneficiaries
      £7,200 Community and Group events Support for 8 community activities and 18 one-day group events across both countries
      £6,600 Overhead Contribution Support to enable project monitoring and appropriate management of funds.
  • Background


    A study by Cambridge University showed that 83,000 homeless young people in the UK relied on councils and charities for a roof over their heads in the past year. Guatemala, has a population of 15.47 million and amongst the most unequal countries in the world in terms of wealth distribution. An estimated 9,000 children/youth live on the streets with little/no future prospects.


    Young people in Guatemala and the UK, 16yrs to 25yrs, who are currently in either one or all of the following situations:
    1. Living in a challenging environment, such as family breakdown and economic difficulties.
    2. Living in care residency
    3. Experienced some form of abuse/neglect, homelessness and/or mental health conditions
    4. Reintegrating back into society after a period of restoration.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Nicodemus Trust begun working in Guatemala in 2012 and later in the UK in 2014. We have strong regulatory and operating structures and are accountable to our board of trustees and funders. We continue to review our working model and governance ensuring best practice, compliance and value for money. We work in collaboration with other local charities/organisations and local authorities. Most importantly all those involved are passionate about seeing young people achieve their ambitions.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Jonathan Welford

    Jonathan (MA in Social Development) has a heart for young people and successfully manages the charity’s projects in Guatemala.

    Nelson Juarez

    Despite personal tragedy Nelson went on to complete University and understands life as a Guatemalan well. He has 10yrs experience in youth work.

    Josie Silva Clark

    Josie has 6 years experience in project management and ensures close monitoring, quality assurance and reporting of this project.

    Alastair Welford

    Alastair is an established businessman with insightful and practical knowledge. As a philanthropist he is passionate about investing in young people.

World of Hope: Nicodemus in Guatemala Documentary

For me, the Young Adults Movement is like a school. We are all learning and maturing a lot together.

Luise, YAPG Mentor