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Scholarships for Atlantic College

2 full scholarships for students to attend Atlantic College:

Atlantic College is unique in one central regard - its commitment to scholarships on merit, regardless of race, religion, politics and the ability to pay. We want to continue giving young people giving young people life-changing experiences and opportunities, regardless of where they come from.

Of the student body, around 70% receive some sort of financial assistance, many on full scholarship. This brings a special dimension to the community here, creating an incredible and culturally rich melting pot. As a result, our students reflect the realities of what has been referred to as ‘the global village’; they share authentic personal experiences from all parts of the world. From the wealthy to the poor, from areas of peace to regions of conflict, they come together to examine the world vicariously through the lens of a variety of world faiths. As they learn to share their limited space in dormitories and to adapt their lifestyles to accommodate each other’s customs and cultures, they are drawn together ultimately by their common humanity, touched and inspired by each other’s lives and not driven apart by the veneer of cultural or political difference.

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