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Drug Rehabilitation Programme for Street Children

The S.A.L.V.E. International Drug Rehabilitation Programme will provide specialist support for street children in Uganda who are addicted to harmful drugs i.e. an inhalant called Mafuta (aeroplane fuel). We will help them overcome their addiction through a Theraputic Rehabilitation Programme.

It will be ongoing once started

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  • Need


    Our research shows 60 to 80% of the street children in Jinja are addicted to Mafuta. Children take Mafuta for different reasons such as to stop them feeling cold or hungry, reduce the pain from being hit or to help them forget their problems. But most importantly, S.A.L.V.E. has the potential to help them quit. The children identified the need to stop taking Mafuta but don't feel they can do so without intensive support and activities to help forget their cravings and have positive alternatives.


    We will begin a specialist Residential Drug Rehabilitation Programme on our 5 acre site to help children living on the streets in Uganda overcome their addictions. We will use a therapeutic model which incorporates sports, education, vocational training and group and one to one counselling. The programme will provide a safe, peaceful place where children can go through the detoxing process, develop their resilience, rebuild family relationships and learn skills they can use to earn a living.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To begin a unique specialist Drug Rehabilitiation Programme for street children in Uganda.


    » To construct a purpose built residential centre on the organisation's own land site that will be used as the Drug Rehabilitation Centre.
    » To begin the specialist Drug Rehabilitation Programme in Spring 2016, offering rehabilitation to street children to overcome their drug addictions.

    To have the programme up and running by May 2016.
    To offer drug addiction rehabilitation services to up to 40 of the hardest to reach young people in the first year.

  • Impact


    Street children in Uganda who are addicted to drugs are more likely to remain street homeless longer than their peers and thus are at greater risk. Starting a Rehabilitation Programme to help the children overcome their addictions will help reduce the number of long term (2 years plus) children living on the streets in Jinja. We will be able to demonstrate our success through the number of children who go through our programme successfully and remain off drugs and off the streets in the longterm


    There is a risk that the children will return to the street after completing the programme if they do not have the opportunity to return to education or find work. We will reduce this risk by providing them with vocational training as part of the programme and then help them to find a job, start their own business or return to school when they complete the programme. We will also assess their families need for help to increase their income through our family business empowerment programme.


    We will provide a 6 month and a 1 year report on the progress of the progamme. This will give details on when the building was completed and when the programme began. We will also provide details of the number of children in the programme and a case study of a child benefitting from the programme.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £28,219

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      Amount Heading Description
      £20,004 Construction Building and equiping the Drug Rehabilitation Centre and outdoor toilet complex
      £3,650 Solar power Solar Power kit and rainwater tank instillation
      £2,000 Furniture Furniture for the house such as beds, tables, chairs etc
      £2,565 Contingency 10% contingency costs for price rises

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Jephcott CharitableTrust £10,000 Guaranteed
  • Background


    The Drug Rehabilitiation Programme will be run from our 5 acre site, which is based 15-20 minutes from Jinja town, Uganda. It is a quiet, peaceful place with lots of space for the children to play and have fun, attend vocational training, relax and enjoy lots of fresh fruit and veg from our permaculture garden (which they will help to grow). It is a safe environment away from the dangers of the street where the children can fully focus on overcoming their addiction and planning their next steps.


    The beneficiaries of the project will be children/ young people aged 6-25 who have been living on the streets of Jinja, Uganda and are addicted to drugs i.e. inhaling Mafuta. We have been working with these children since 2008 and have built strong relationships with them. As the programme develops, we will partner with organisaitons across Uganda working with children on the street. They will be able to refer children to us who they believe would benefit from the Drug Rehabilitation Programme.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We have been working with children on the street in Uganda since 2008. Our staff have built strong relationships with these children and the children have a lot of trust in us. Through extensive research we have carried out, this service has been requested by many of the children on the street who really want help to overcome their addictions. We have 5 acres of land away from the town centre which is the perfect environment to run this service from as well as a team of dedicated, caring staff.

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    Nicola Sansom

    Co-founder and CEO. She has extensive programme management experience i.e. from working at Oxfam and is a Clore Social Leadership Fellow.

    Mike Asiya

    Co-founder and Ugandan Director who has helped develop the organisation. He is a former street child, qualified counselor and HR specialist.

    Alfred Ochaya

    The Ugandan Street Social Work Manger. He has trusting longterm relationships with the street children of Jinja so they can go to him for support.

A day in my life on the streets, by J from Jinja

"I started sniffing mafuta to forget the death of my parents"

Jack, Aged 13, currently living on the streets of Jinja, Uganda