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Project information

TVWC Reaches

Reaches focus on increasing both the coping capacity and self confidence of women offenders to identify and engage with interventions that best meet their individual needs to get them back into mainstream society speedily and improve life skills.

January 2016 - December 2018

Charity information: Teesvalley Womens Centre Limited

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  • Need


    The project aims to work with women offenders and or women at risk of offending, who often present with multiple needs and frequently their response to those needs can promote their continuation with activities that find them back in, or revolving around the Criminal Justice System.


    Working strategically in partnership with local and national agencies ,the project focus on increasing both the coping capacity and self-confidence of women offenders to identify and engage with interventions that best meet their individual needs to get them back into mainstream society speedily and improve life skills.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Increasing both the coping capacity and self confidence of women offenders or at risk of offending


    » Skills building. Group, peer-based support which focus on enabling women to build self-confidence/self-esteem and learn new life skills.
    » Peer mentoring support by trained mentors, focusing on empowering women to sustain employment/education and sustain positive change.
    » Dedicated offender caseworker to help them return to family life and ensure that they have immediate access to all the services they need .
    » Access to a network of specialist, multi-faceted, integrated services in a safe women only environment and referral to more specialist services .

    What success will look like

    94% will improve self esteem / confidence
    83% will improve their coping capacity in dealing with day to day issues.
    96% claim non offending status while in the centre

    Aim 2

    Establishing stability in the women offenders life.


    » Providing 1:1 advice with case working on debt , housing and other welfare problems .
    » 2 Family-based interventions and parenting courses and support in-house and external.
    » Supporting transportation costs and providing free in house childcare when required and basic budgeting and house keeping
    » Intensive practical and therapeutic support to women offenders whose children have had contact with statutory children's services.

    What success will look like

    89% will improve and sustain accommodation
    70% will reduce or mange debt and claim correct benefit
    94% will improve family ties , parenting skills and overall relationships

    Aim 3

    Remove barriers to training and employment .


    » Improve written and oral communication and basic maths skills and ability to use IT as a work tool.
    » improve interpersonal skills (Multi-tasking, team working problem solving) and Self-management.
    » Improve ability to show initiative and enterprise and ability to learn new skills.
    » Employability/ Getting into work (Job search, completing application forms on line. preparing CV's and letters and interview techniques.

    What success will look like

    79% will improve skills and employability
    61% will gain sustainable employment ( Sustainable employment 6 months or more

    Aim 4

    Address underlying issues such as mental health, domestic violence and substance misuse .


    » Provide effective signposting to any specialist assistance necessary in particular drugs and alcohol dependency.
    » Facilitate access to this support and supporting women involved in prostitution.
    » Ensure offenders receive equal access to services and supporting women who experienced domestic violence

    What success will look like

    81% will improve quality of life by addressing mental health issues
    83 % positive progress ( Drugs and alcohol )

    Aim 5

    Get them back into mainstream society speedily.


    » Develop self-esteem and discover that their experiences are not unique.
    » Move them from supportive learning environment of the TVWC to mainstream adult education settings, volunteer placements and work.
    » Reduce Social exclusion and increase personal sense of stability
    » Provide an alternative to the Criminogenic cycle of social exclusion, substance misuse and offending.

    What success will look like

    70% will move from supportive learning in the Centre to mainstream education or work within 16 weeks from the start date.
    95% who become excluded will be reintegrated back .

  • Impact


    Reduce the use of custody by local Magistrates for vulnerable women offenders who have committed non-violent offences, arguing instead for community sentencing which is more cost effective. (The average annual cost of keeping a women offender in prison for a short sentence is around £18,000), help cut crime in the community by reducing re-offending, reduce unemployment, redirect Health and Social resources to where is needed most.


    Insufficient funding . We aim to convince the statutory sector that it is more cost efficient to provide this type of 1:1 support rather than traditional day care or medical models of intervention, On average, each person in prison for 6 months or less costs the health and social care sector over £16,000,
    a cost which could be alleviated if programs were in place that allowed and supported women who have committed non-violent offences to benefit from rather than custodial sentencing.


    TVWC has comprehensive internal and external evaluation policy in line with its quality mark , office manuals, containing key attention area of:
    Coherence with policies aims and objectives
    User feedback on services via satisfaction questionnaires
    Trainee progression within and on leaving projet.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £266,549

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      Amount Heading Description
      £168,701 Staff costs Staff wages , Training & Travel
      £54,650 Beneficiaries Travel Subsidies, Childcare , Employment Support
      £13,550 Business &Capital Evaluation , Monitoring & Equipment up grading
      £29,648 Other Costs Rent , Stationery, Advertising , Insurance ..etc

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Grants from Charitable Trusts £150,000 Guaranteed
    Local authority £21,000 Guaranteed
    Self Generated £30,000 Guaranteed
  • Background


    Tees Valley Women's Centre is situated in the Borough of Redcar and Cleveland, which is a local authority ward lying close to the River Tees at the western edge where it abuts with the neighbouring borough of Middlesbrough. The Borough has a higher than average number of lone parents predominantly women. High unemployment-low educational levels of attainment with a crime rate approximately 50% above local and national average.


    TVWC only accept referred beneficiaries who pose a low risk of harm, but a medium or high risk of re-offending from.
    • Probation current case-load
    • Directly from Court
    • Prisons services
    • Got a court case coming
    • Recently left prison
    • Serving Community Order
    • On probation
    • On licence
    • Who Police may consider for conditional caution.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Effective partnership with a vast amount of experience in risk and needs assessment tools, support, planning, offender Managers and Women offender champions also in providing general guidance and access to training within the justice system, combined with our hands on approach, welcoming atmosphere and Knowledge of working with women at all level's makes for a good partnership in delivering, identifying and changing the lives of women and delivering the support needed .

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    Centre Manager

    Has been managing the staff and daily running of the Centre for over 14 years. Her previous background working probation and Social services .

    Finance Officer

    Has been in the post for the last 8 years, dealing with all aspects of the Centre finances, accounts, budgets and grant funding .

    Training Co-Ordinator

    Has been in the post for the last 5 years, liaises with all local educational establishments to enable the Centre to provide over 35 vocational course


    Key Job of looking after the TVWC administration , IT , staff welfare , and keep almost 7000 women s updated with what’s on and manage crèche .