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The Miracle of Davos

Years of experience and documented medical research and studies have shown that a stay of 4-6 weeks in the Swiss Alps town of Davos have have healing effects on AD sufferers. We wish to make the treatment of Davos accessible to those who are in need of it and would otherwise be unable to afford it.

July 2016 - September 2016

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  • Need


    There are hundreds of families who struggle daily with the challenge and pain of Atopic Dermatitas, but a pitiful few can afford the trip. We want to give every child with AD the opportunity for relief and healing. If there is hope, we believe every child deserves it.
    When a baby's life is rampaged with pain and 6 weeks in Davos will return the smile to his face, the joy to his life, how can we refuse him the opportunity? Is money allowed to hinder their hopes?


    Here 2 Help has arranged for close to 70 children with AD to participate in a summer camp in Davos. During their stay they will enjoy treatments at the world reknowned 'Hochgebirgsklinik' who specialize in their treatments of AD. The children will return invigorated , with a new skin and many happy memories and friendships.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Enable 100 children with Atopic Dermatitas to attend and paticpate in Summer Camp 2016.


    » Advertise this opportunity.
    » Recruit Volunteers and Staff
    » Hire Accomodation
    » Arrange treatments at Hochgebirgsklinik

    Success will be 100 children participating in Summer Camp 2016. Success will be healing results for these children.

  • Impact


    We aim for children to experience relief and healing of their condtion through their stay in Davos. Children will be examined by ou partner doctors and dermatologists to assess the severity of their condition prior to our summer project. They will then be assessed on return to gauge the rate of healing.


    There is a risk that we won't manage to raise enough funds for the projects- we will ensure this isn't so by raising funds the entire year. Risks such as lack of accommodation, coaches, trips, food, staff etc have all been mitigated by thorough planning in advance, and having necessary risk assessment policies in place.


    We will report to donors at the completion of the Summer Camp 2016. We will also send out an anual newsletter to all our donors to share with them the success of our project and the impact on all participants.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £148,660

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      Amount Heading Description
      £18,500 Flights and Transportation Children and Volunteers
      £54,000 Rental of Premises Rental of Waldschlossli and Etanya
      £38,000 Catering Staff and Food
      £19,000 Medical Expenses Treatment at Hochgebirgsklinik and other medical expenses
      £9,500 Programs and Activities Materials, Trips
      £9,660 Admin and Misc Computers, Security, Insurance
  • Background


    This project will take place in two rented premises in Davos; Waldshclossli Hotel in and Etanya.


    Participants are from United States, UK, Europe, and Israel.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Here 2 Help has successfull run two summer camps in Davos for AD sufferers with spectacular results (80%). We are supported by pediatricians and dermatologists who have seen first-hand the success of our project.
    Dr Sagi relates, 'as a children's Dermatologist for the past 33 years I have never experiences such results within such a short term, even when treating children in a Hospital setup'.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Nosson Burstein

    Mr Burstien is the founder of our organization. He is a parent of a child with AD and has many years of experience of all aspects of this condition.

    Shulamit Burstien

    Mrs Burstein is a trained phsycho-therapist and a parent of a child with AD. She is both the founder and director of this organization.