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Project information

NGONG – Training the Bambui Farmers of tomorrow

This project aims to revitalise and professionalise Bambui’s agricultural sector, by improving farmers’ agricultural skills and levels of productivity, whilst at the same time developing their ability to reach larger, more profitable markets.

July 2015 - July 2017

Charity information: Reignite Action For Development

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  • Need


    Bambui lies on fertile land and the majority of residents are farmers surviving on less than $1,25 a day. However, only 0.1% of the agricultural produce is currently being processed into value-added products. With increasing population and lost of agricultural land for construction, foodstuff prices have rocketed, whilst unemployment remains high and women still find it difficult to get their crops to markets.


    NGONG will deliver an intensive agricultural and enterprise skills vocational training programme to self-subsistence farmers (436), small agribusiness farmers (134), food processors (45), representatives from market associations (60) and traders (5) – mostly women and young people. It will also provide toolkits and seeds. By investing in people’s training, we’re contributing towards reducing their financial poverty and fostering economic resilience.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Farmers have increased life, business skills and technical knowledge within the agricultural sector


    » 2,040 1-2-1 sessions on advice, monitoring and support
    » 900+ training sessions on transferable skills and knowledge (eg.numeracy, business planning, organic farming, food transformation & preservation, etc)
    » 235 training sessions on entrepreneurship, risk analysis, marketing, leadership and negotiating skills
    » Practical demonstration activities focusing on how to increase production through better land management and effective irrigation

    What success will look like

    680 farmers from different groups reporting to feeling more confident to undertake their business as a direct result of undergoing the training course

    Aim 2

    Market linkages within Bambui, Cameroon and the West African region are improved


    » Getting farmers to participate in 10 Cameroonian agricultural shows, 1 in Europe and 1 in Central Africa
    » Working with farmers in identifying and exploring the possibility of introducing new produce and products into local and national markets
    » Training farmers in market assessment methods and marketing skills,
    » Assisting the farmers in creating a contact database of potential and actual buyers with relevant information on market opportunities and products

    What success will look like

    At least, 540 farmers report to have improved access to markets and 370 report to feel better equipped to confidently approach new markets and sell their produce

    Aim 3

    Farmers have increased farm productivity


    » Provision of over 500 kits with training tools
    » Promoting the usage of quality seeds, and appropriate tools and practices (e.g. grain drying, seed treatment and crop handling)

    What success will look like

    At least, 300 farmers report being able to afford education or healthcare for children when needed, and 200 farmers are earning over $1.25 per person per day

    Aim 4

    Farmers have increased accessibility to micro-finance schemes


    » Assist the creation and management of micro-credit facilities through a community-based system.
    » Providing "1-2-1" mentoring sessions to farmers leading small businesses, making them eligible for micro-finance schemes
    » Promoting knowledge transfer sessions between farmers and Bambui’s professional banking sector
    » Training farmers in financial discipline: how to save more, spend less, borrow prudently, and manage their debt with strictness

    What success will look like

    At least, 180 farmers accessing credit for income-generating activities from micro-finance schemes or others.

  • Impact


    Training will increase farmers’ self-confidence to successfully manage their businesses;
    Improved market linkages will lead to better economic opportunities for the local farming community;
    Increased farm productivity will foster economic empowerment;
    Increased accessibility to micro-finance will improve financial opportunities and access to safety nets.
    To demonstrate success we’ll run surveys, focus group discussions and develop case studies, through project partners and beneficiaries.


    The risk of a potential lack of uptake in the community has been dealt with by involving beneficiaries and local partners at every stage of planning and implementation. This project is also part of a wider national effort to transform the agricultural sector and develop value chains across the region as a recent project approved by central government and financed by the African Development Bank demonstrates.This is an opportunity for farmers to capitalise on the learning and experience acquired


    Through quarterly and mid-annual reports, annual evaluations and a final project report. Reporting will review progress of objectives, if the objectives were suitable, how time- and cost-efficient the project was and if different inputs could have led to better outputs.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £199,811

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      Amount Heading Description
      £63,349 Staff Salaries, recruitment and training
      £43,718 Beneficiary Training Training sessions, food and venue hire
      £10,948 Other Travel costs, M&E, Microfinance
      £13,868 Information Training handouts and marketing
      £12,000 Capital Project vehicle and laptops
      £33,676 Beneficiary Tools Training toolkit, trade shows & direct costs
      £22,252 Overheads In-country (Cameroon) and UK

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Big Lottery Fund £154,359 Guaranteed
    Local Partners £1,766 Guaranteed
    Reignite Action for Development £6,790 Guaranteed
  • Background


    Tucked in the northwestern region of Cameroon, Bambui is a rural village on the eve of transformation. With a recently built university campus, population will soon rise to more than 20,000 people. Farming remains the main economic activity, especially amongst women, which devote 60%-80% of their time to agricultural activities. Despite enjoying an atmosphere of peace and slight economic growth, the region is still the 2nd poorest in Cameroon, with 30% of its population living on less than $1/pd


    The NGONG project will reach 4,080 direct beneficiaries (680 participants and 3,400 individuals belonging to their immediate family - in Bambui, on average, each family is composed by 6 people). All of the 680 participants will be arable, pastoral or mixed farmers, of whom 76% will be women given the key role they play at household and community levels. We also aim to ensure that 10% of those trained should be within the UN definition of youth, as those aged between 15 years to 24 years.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Reignite is part of the community it works for. We began operating in Bambui in 2012 and since then our dedicated Project Team has grown to seven staff. ‘Ngong’ is a direct response to a community call, which has been incorporated under a ‘Bambui Development Strategic Plan’ developed in 2013. As part of the wider agricultural programme, the project has been designed following a 2-year consultation with key community stakeholders, local partner organisations and beneficiaries.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Project Delivery Partners (NOWEFOR, COBEX, SEEDS, NPB)

    Partners are directly responsible for putting the training course together and delivering it.

    Teresa De Sousa - Project Manager

    Teresa is responsible for leading the team, liaising with partners and stakeholders and reporting on project progression back to the UK.

    Fernando Vidal - Project Coordinator

    Fernando is responsible for providing logistical support to the project & coordinate the delivery of activities.

    Project Supporting Team (Comms Officer, Training Officer & Finance Officer)

    Three local members of staff (currently being recruited) that will provide crucial support to the successful delivery of the project.

Modern farming practices are needed. NGONG will help farmers develop intensive agriculture and entrepreneur skills helping them to be more independent

Member of Bambui Intergrated Agro Seed Propagation Group