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Project information

Counselling Support for Child Victims of Crime

A recruitment and development programme for specialist counsellors to provide therapy and emotional support to children and teenagers who have been traumatised by serious crime

The project will allow us to rapidly extend our current localised counselling service across the UK.

March 2016 - November 2016

Charity information: Embrace Child Victims of Crime

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  • Need


    Our research found that the availability of 1-2-1 counselling and emotional support for the young victims of serious crime was virtually non-existent. Where counselling services do exist, often they are under-funded or have horrendously long waiting times. We did not find one service that prioritised the needs of young victims of crime.


    Our project will increase the nationwide availability of specialist, emotional support therapists for those children and teenagers whose lives are being derailed by the effects of crime and exposure to the criminal justice system.

    It will build on the successful pilot programmes we have been running in areas of England and Wales.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Develop the content for a specialist 'young victims of crime' course for pre-screened therapists.


    » Identify and recruit a lead trainer to work with our staff and clinical counselling lead.

    What success will look like

    The course will be endorsed by at least one of the professional counselling bodies, i.e., The BACP and/or the Association of Police & Crime Commissioners.

    Aim 2

    Attract registered/accredited counsellors and therapists to want to work with Embrace CVOC.


    » Advertise upskilling opportunity in appropriate professional journals and on corresponding websites.
    » n return for attending our course, we will offer opportunities to work with young victims of crime who are referred to us.

    What success will look like

    Achieve between 10 and 40 registrations for each of two courses (Spring and Autumn.

    Aim 3

    Create a UK-wide database of qualified counsellors and therapists who have completed our course.


    » Promote the benefits of working with Embrace CVOC - broadening their professional experience by working with traumatised young victims of crime.

    What success will look like

    The database will contain counsellors/therapists based in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

  • Impact


    * This project will bridge a gap in existing professional counselling services for young victims of crime.
    * Over time, the number of counsellors/therapists who are equipped to deal with the issues of trauma relating to crime will increase and their knowledge expand to help further develop the service.
    * Evaluation by the young people supported will confirm that they were better able to cope with their feelings about what happened and were positive about the future.


    1. Not getting the 'right' person to lead the project
    - we'll work with the professional bodies to ensure we get the most appropriately-trained person available.

    2. The course does not attract the numbers of therapists we need.
    - We'll pilot and 'test' the course content before going 'live' to make any necessary adjustments.
    - course graduates will be incentivised to take part by being offered referrals on a priority basis.



    We will create a project plan with SMART objectives and report on a regular basis against identified key milestones.

    This information will be contained in an email and distributed to a database of those who agree to receive the information.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £15,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £7,000 Course Devise the content of the course and deliver it
      £3,000 Admin support Identify venues and organise course participants
      £1,500 Marketing Create course reference materials and recruit ads for participants
      £1,500 Expenses Travel and accommodation for course leader and professional inputters
      £2,000 Update website Create 'professional' area on site for our accredited therapists
  • Background


    The Therapists' Course will be held in at least TWO locations - London and either Birmingham or Manchester. Locations will be chosen to attract counselling therapists who would like to further their skills and knowledge to work with young victims of crime.


    Children and teenagers who have been the victims of serious crime either directly or indirectly will benefit by being counselled by specialist therapists who understand how crime particularly affects young minds.

    If the counselling is successful in helping young people 'move on' from what has happened, then their families and friends will also potentially benefit.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Embrace CVOC is the only UK-wide charity that is singularly focused on supporting young victims of crime and their families.

    Our research has identified a gap in the provision of counselling support for traumatised young victims, a gap that is only set to widen further with the prospect of more public service cuts.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Wendy Robinson (Contractor)

    Wendy is the clinical lead for Embrace's emotional support programmes and will lead the work to deliver this training.

    Jenny Raine (Staff)

    Jenny will provide administrative support to ensure the delivery of the course and the recruitment of participants.