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Every Child's Voice is Worth Listening To

This project helps children and young people in care, and on the fringes of care, to have their voices heard about the issues and the challenges which face them growing up in the care system. It will involve them in projects and activities which can influence decision makers and policy makers.

January 2016 - December 2016

Charity information: The National Youth Advocacy Service

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  • Need


    Children in care face a combination of issues which can lead to homelessness, offending, drug and alcohol misuse and mental health problems in adulthood. They are 60 times more likely to be homeless, 68% have special educational needs and around half of looked after children were considered to be ‘borderline’ or ‘cause for concern’ in relation to their emotional and behavioural health.


    We will facilitate consultation events and exercises, opinion polls, blogs and surveys, website & social media & other creative activities involving young people in the care system. These activities will involve young people in the change process, get their voices heard & ensure that other children do not have the same damaging experiences but that the system becomes child centred. We want to empower young people in care to have their say & improve the care system.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Involve young people in improving the care system.


    » Develop an app for young people in care.
    » Develop a Digital Ambassadors programme for young people in care.

    What success will look like

    Success with be 50 care experienced children and young people involved in participation and consultation .

  • Impact


    The project will help to make the care system more sensitive to the needs of children and young people. We will demonstrate the success of this by monitoring the number of changes and improvements made by policy and decision makers to provision and services for looked after children locally and nationally.


    The risk include not engaging with a sufficient number of young people. We will deal with this by using our network of contacts with Children in Care Councils and other agencies to encourage referral and participation. We will also encourage young people to participate remotely through social media and digital technology.


    We will invite donors to visit the project and meet key staff and young people. We will report on the project through our website and will produce a quarterly bulletin for donors updating them of the work of the project.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £46,493

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      Amount Heading Description
      £16,493 Salary Participation Officer (part time)
      £20,000 App Design & development of a digital app
      £10,000 Young Digital Ambassadors Young volunteers, training, travel, support
  • Background


    We will coordinate the project from our Head Office in Birkenhead, Merseyside and this will be where the project officer will be based. However, we will work with young people throughout England and Wales and will conduct training sessions in other locations.


    This project will work with children and young people in the care system. 62% are in care because of concerns of abuse or neglect, 15% due to family dysfunction, and 5% due to absent parenting. They are disproportionately disadvantaged. Many live in or experience poverty, the majority have experienced neglect or abuse and often the care system struggles to provide them with positive experiences. Over 50% have, or develop, a mental illness & they are 60 times more likely to be homeless.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    NYAS has over 30 years experience of working with children and young people in care. We provide them with advocacy, advice and representation, volunteer Independent Visitors and positive activities. Each year we work with around 10% of the 'looked after' population. Our work provides us with insight into the needs of these young people and we have a national network of volunteers, advocates and services tailored to meet their needs.

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    Alison Prescott (Participation Officer)

    Will engage directly with children and young people, recruit young people to the project as volunteers, elicit their views & facilitate their input.

    Kate Perry

    Will manage the Participation Officer, oversee the project, liaise with external partners and ensure that the project is delivering its outcomes.