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Goats And Donkeys Save Children In Darfur

In Darfur children are dying of starvation. Drought, prolonged violence and soaring inflation are devastating lives. Our Kids for Kids Goat Loans and Donkeys have been transforming lives for 14 years, giving nutrition to children and income to pay for medicines, food, schooling and emergencies.

Ongoing (We adopt as many villages as we can each year)

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  • Need


    In Darfur rural communities struggle out of sight of the rest of the world. Prolonged violence and drought have had a devastating impact and mean that families simply cannot afford to feed their children. Protein is rare and an income impossible. Goat's milk is often the only source of protein, vitamins & minerals for the children who are all severely malnourished. A donkey means that mothers can carry water across the desert to save their children having to walk for water in the searing heat.


    Kids for Kids has adopted 8 villages in 2015 where our help was urgently needed. This year 36 villages requested our help and there are many more that need us. Our Goat Loan is an on-going project that needs continual support. Funding for goats is urgently needed to enable us to adopt even more desperate communities. The need for children to have milk is increasing and we can help with your support. A family is lent 6 goats, then in 2 years time, they pass on 6 kids to another family.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Save children and families from starvation and severe malnutrition in the villages of Darfur, Sudan


    » Our Goat Loans provide 6 goats to a family, along with training to ensure the animals are well looked after. The nutritious goats milk saves lives.

    Our model is proven.UNICEF has reported there is no malnutrition in Kids for Kids villages. Villages report to us regularly, all goats are accounted for, and impacts are tracked.

    Aim 2

    Transform lives of Children and Families in Darfur, and give them a chance of a better future.


    » The Goat loan flock grows and excess milk can be sold. Mothers are empowered by having an income and prioritise education & healthcare for children.

    We receive case studies from the villagers as well as data from the committees. One lady has worked hard to make the most of her Goat Loan and now has 2 children at University!

  • Impact


    Children's health improves; families have greater security of income and increased skills; the community is empowered. By ensuring that goats are passed to a new family every two years, our project impacts vast pockets of poverty over time. Donkeys help too - children who don't walk for water go to school, and women's exposure to danger from conflict is reduced. This project is sustainable and has eradicated malnutrition in Kids for Kids villages BUT in other villages, children need us now.


    Due to the conflict in Darfur it is a very difficult place to work in. Our model has allowed us to continue where other agencies have had to pull out. We work with villages to create and train a committee and they then run the projects for themselves. This empowers the community and makes the work sustainable in the long term.

    There is a risk that animals could suffer poor health. We address this by training para-vets and giving all beneficiaries training in animal care.


    Kids for Kids website includes details of our latest news and the annual report, including financials. For those donors happy to receive further information we provide news via a physical mailing twice a year and email updates are sent as appropriate to share latest news. We also use social media.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £75,696

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      Amount Heading Description
      £75,696 Goats (£38 each) 1,992 goats for the 8 villages adopted in 2015
  • Background


    Kids for Kids works in the remote villages of Darfur, Sudan. This is a desert landscape, and children walk miles for water across the burning sand. There is conflict here too, and soaring inflation, so parents are desperate for help to feed their families. The families we help have no livestock, and what little money that had has been devalued, so if the harvest is poor, they starve. Our Goat Loans are the only help available since all other charities have left.


    Our focus is on the children and families in the remote villages of Darfur. We have adopted 8 villages in 2015 bringing our total to 78 villages. But Darfur is the size of Texas or France, with over 900 villages so there is much more to do. The focus for this project is the 8 villages adopted in 2015, where we need 1,992 goats to help the poorest 15% of families.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Kids for Kids is able to work in Darfur where all others have left due to the troubles, or have been asked to leave. Our model is unique because we communicate effectively with local leaders and empower and teach local people to run the projects for themselves, so the impact is long term and sustainable. This has meant we are able to work with only a small team in the field for training and monitoring, and administration is kept to an absolute minimum in the UK.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Patricia Parker MBE

    Patricia is our Founder, CEO and Chairman of Trustees. The Goat Loan is one of the first projects she researched and implemented.

    Dr Salim

    Dr Salim is a vet and our Program Manager in Darfur. He works closely with Patricia to plan, deliver and monitor projects via village committees.

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A little goat for milk to save lives