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Family Outreach Hub

We are seeking funding to run two Family Outreach Hubs- the Hubs provide a family friendly and accessible one-stop-shop service provision to families with life-limited and seriously-ill children in a space where they can meet others in similar circumstance.


Charity information: Sebastian's Action Trust

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  • Need


    Families with seriously-ill children and those who have sadly lost a child often struggle to cope with the demands of juggling their caring role with the daily demands of family and work-life. The result is that families often become very isolated as they don't have the opportunity to meet with others in similar circumstance. Moreover they also struggle to access support services which can help them as they are often offered at difficult times or delivered inaccessible environments.


    Our Family Services Hub are bright and vibrant spaces where families, stressed and exhausted by the strains of caring for a seriously-ill child or who are struggling to cope with their loss can go for information, advice and support- delivered in one accessible space. Families won't be forced to make lots of appointments, they can use all the services available in one go. They can also meet others who really understand their situation and form friends which can provide vital support.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To provide information, advice and support in one environment


    » Specialist support workers will be based at the Hubs offering one-to-one and group support

    Feedback from parents and carers will measure the impact of the work

    Aim 2

    To reduce isolation by offering intergenerational and group activities aim at specific groups.


    » Support groups for parents and carers who face similar challenges to facilitate friendships
    » Information sharing to help in their journey
    » Fun! as this is often overlooked when a child becomes unwell.

    Feedback from parents and carers will measure the impact of the work

    Aim 3

    Rest and relaxation- care for the carer and in so doing care for the child


    » Well being therapy offered by trained therapists
    » One-to-one support so that carers can talk to specialist about their issues
    » Support groups which encourage parents and carers to relax and unwind and share experiences which can support them throughout their journey

    Feedback from parents and carers will measure the impact of the work

  • Impact


    The longer term change is a significant increase in mental and physical wellbeing for families stressed by the demands of caring for a seriously-ill child and for those struggling to cope with loss. There will be significant reduction in social isolation for families who might have lost contact with their community due to nature of caring for their sick child. The mental and physical health of siblings and grandparents will also improve.


    The risk of the project is that our main Hub in Slough is in a building which has been donated but is on a short term lease- we therefore run the risk of having to relocate if the building is needed by the donors. To mitigate against this we have worked with the community to identify and secure other vacant premises should this situation arise. Our specialist workers are all funded by grants and therefore we run this risk of funding not be secured after the initial period.


    We will report to donors by producing an Impact Report which will highlight the change against targets. We will also highlight the outcomes on our website and through social media updates and newsletters.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £65,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £15,000 Utility Costs Heating, lighting and rates
      £25,000 Activity Costs Hosting a structured programme of Activites which will run throughout the year
      £20,000 Coordinator Salary Coordinator to safeguard the service and organise the events
      £5,000 Resources IT and structure to support the Hubs
  • Background


    The Hubs are located in Slough in Berkshire and Bagshot in Surrey.


    Families from the surrounding areas with seriously-ill and life-limited children as well as those who have lost a child.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We are a Queen's Award winning charity which has been supporting families of life-limited and seriously-ill children from diagnosis, through treatment and beyond and we have been doing this for over 10 years. As a charity which puts the needs of service users at the heart of our operations which includes at Director level we are able to assess needs and respond to un-met need. The Hubs have been developed in response to strong evidence of need.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Jane Gates OBE

    Jane is the founder and CEO of the charity and has overall strategic responsibility for delivery.

    Amy Samuel

    Amy is the Coordinator of the Hubs and has overall responsibly for coordinating daily activity and for meeting and greeting families who attend.

Sebastian's Story


Art therapy day session for a group of 5 children

The Family Outreach Hub is a bright, warm and welcoming environment where we can access all of the Trust's services from under one roof.

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