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Additional Volunteer Training Course

Our Big Idea is to run a further volunteer practitioner training course in 2016 to provide emotional listening support to vulnerable children in Sussex. This will enable us to train an additional 10 volunteers. These volunteers will help us support more than the 50 children we annually support.

September 2015 - September 2016

Charity information: Time 4 Children

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  • Need


    The need for the support we provide to children is increasing year on year. Funding is desperately needed to train more volunteer practitioners to support the growing number of children referred to us. We have a waiting list and if we had more volunteers available then this list would be shorter or not exist and many more children could be helped.


    If we can raise enough money to run a volunteer training course in 2016 then we will have the capacity to support many more needy children. The volunteer practitioners attend a 12 week training course (1 day per week over 12 weeks). Our volunteer practitioners are trained to use Reflective Listening and Non-Directive play techniques to help and support children who are experiencing emotional trauma, to help them express their thoughts and feelings positively.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Support & help needy & vulnerable children who have experienced, or are going through challenges.


    » Recruiting an additional 10 volunteers.
    » Local fundraising events - walk 4 children, book sales, Nuts Challenge, local media & PR to raise our profile
    » Provide more sessions to children, reduce our waiting list and offer each child the individual support they need, be it 10/20/30 sessions.

    What success will look like

    By being able to run an 2nd training course annually from 2016.

    Aim 2

    To provide a high standard of training for volunteers & accredit them via the MBF*


    » Apply to the Mentoring & Befriending Foundation (MBF) to become an Approved Provider of training.
    » Train an additional trainer to assist with the running of the courses.

    What success will look like

    Have more than 10 applicants for our 2nd training course.

  • Impact


    The impact Time 4 Children makes is huge. The children benefit from increased self-confidence & self-esteem; Feeling better about who they are and what they can achieve; Improved social skills; More able to learn at school; Improved behaviour.
    Long term we will be able to help more children and expand further into Sussex.


    The risk would be that we didn't get enough applications to run a 2nd training course. This risk would be dealt with by ensuring that we advertise the training course sufficiently and follow up all applications.


    Reports are provided to all who fund and/or donate to Time 4 Children. Children’s progress is carefully monitored and evidence of our work is available. Regular updates are provided to funders and donors.
    We also publish a newsletter via website/social media and in hard copy.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £5,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £1,700 Trainer Preparation time and training courses
      £800 Co-Trainer To assist with delivery of training course
      £1,550 Volunteer equipment Volunteer equipment packs for 10 volunteers
      £950 Admin costs Venue hire, advertising, stationer
  • Background


    We currently operate in Mid-Sussex, Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath, East Grinstead and surrounding areas, as well as Crawley. With additional volunteers we will be able to expand further geographically to cover a wider area in Sussex.


    Children with challenging circumstances and backgrounds, who come from many diverse and varying social, economic and ethnic backgrounds.
    In the long term the wider community will also benefit because if the children are more emotionally well adjusted, they will be less likely to enter into criminal activity or become involved with alcohol/substance misuse.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Since Time 4 Children began in 2005, we have supported more than 450 local children and are a highly regarded charity.
    Our service is desperately needed in Sussex. Without 'Time 4 Children', many children would receive little or no emotional support.
    To our knowledge, there is no similar service or project in our geographical area that provides the same vital service as ours for children whose needs are not met by the statutory sector. We re;y soley on fundraising and donations to exist.

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    Vicky Chalmers - Founder

    Runs training courses Home visits Parent workshops Supports volunteers Evening Group support Co-ordinates placements

    Donna Wakeford - Support Worker

    Assists with training courses Home visits Parent workshops Support of VC Evening Group support Co-ordinates placements

    Kate Sapara - Administration Assistant

    Arranges appointments Files volunteer observations Coordination of group supervisions Books venues Assists with home visits General admin duties

    Gail Wickens - Marketing & Communications Manager

    Liaison with local businesses to obtain support Advertising Raising awareness of charity & need for additional training course Comminications