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Africa Toilet Revo-loo-tion

Poor sanitation contaminates water sources, leading to illness and diseases such as diarrhoea - the number 1 killer of children in Africa. iDE is doing something about it. We are creating markets for affordable, desirable toilets in Africa - saving lives, ensuring dignity and increasing prosperity.

January 2016 - January 2017

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  • Need


    2.5 billion people are without a hygienic toilet. That’s 4 out of 10 people in the world. Of these, 1 billion still openly defecate, the majority of whom live in rural areas. Poor sanitation leads to contaminated water sources, which lead to serious illness + diarrhoeal diseases, which kills more young children than HIV, malaria, and tuberculosis combined. Every 60 seconds a child under 5 dies from diarrhoea in developing countries.


    iDE is a global leader in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene. We use an award winning approach called 'sanitation marketing' to design affordable and desirable toilets that households want to buy and that businesses want to sell, creating a thriving marketplace. iDE trains and coaches local sales agents to sell the toilets (creating demand) and businesses to produce the toilets (ensuring supply). In 2016 iDE will concentrate on sanitation marketing efforts in Ethiopia and Burkina Faso.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To support iDE's sanitation marketing programme in 2016.


    » Project management – overseeing training of rural businesses to produce toilets
    » Project management – overseeing training and coaching of entrepreneurs to establish demand in rural areas and sell toilets

    The iDE Ethiopia and iDE Burkina Faso teams receive high quality management support enabling them to sell large numbers of toilets in 2016

    Aim 2

    To explore expanding sanitation marketing efforts in Africa and Asia


    » Explore sanitation marketing in one new country
    » Reproduce sanitation marketing in a new country

    The team identifies and starts a new sanitation marketing programme in one new country in Africa and Asia

  • Impact


    We envision there to be thriving businesses and strong demand for hygienic toilets across Ethiopia and Burkina Faso. iDE trains businesses and entrepreneurs to actively sell hygienic toilets to rural people that want to buy. These businesses and entrepreneurs will continue selling even if the project is completed, as they will be motivated by profit. By using this approach in Cambodia - 800,000 poor rural people have accessed improved sanitation over the past 3 years.


    By listening to many, many poor rural people in Africa we know that often people understand the need for a hygienic toilet - but cannot afford one. To mitigate against this we are:

    - designing toilets that are much cheaper than other models
    - setting up payment plans with businesses
    - providing loans by working with micro-finance organisations


    We will regularly update our website and social media channels. We will send out e-newsletters informing donors of our progress. We will send a letter in October 2016 providing an overview of the project results.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £50,000

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      £50,000 Sanitation marketing Programme support costs
  • Background


    Ethiopia has a higher rural population practicing open defecation (more than 36 million) than any other country in Sub-Saharan Africa. Additionally many millions more are using unhygienic latrines. The lives’ of 65,000 children are lost every year through poor sanitation.

    Burkina Faso is an extremely poor West African country with a population of 16.5m. Only 6% of rural people have access to improved sanitation, leading to 151.85 Diarrhoeal Disease Deaths (/100k) per year.


    The people benefiting are some of the poorest families in Ethiopia and Burkina Faso that do not have access to an improved sanitary toilet. The majority defecate in fields near to their homes which contaminates water resources, leading to diseases and death, especially of children under five. Improving sanitation will saves their lives, prevent stunting and malnutrition, keep girls in school and ensure their dignity.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    iDE holds a global leadership position in the field of water and sanitation. iDE has been developing markets for household access to clean water and improved sanitation since 1997. We will be replicating a process that’s already been successful in Cambodia with over 100,000 toilets sold in the past 2 years. iDE has won international awards for innovation and effectiveness including being named one of the top ten non-profit Water and Sanitation organisations in 2014.

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    Daniela Chiriac

    Programmes Manager - provides high quality management and oversight to ensure project success.

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