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Kalomo Teacher Training

This project will train 20 community school teachers in Kalomo, one of the most impoverished and least well educated areas of southern Zambia. Teachers will study outside of term time and achieve a Diploma in Education. They will be much better equipped to teach, boosting educational outcomes.

June 2014 - March 2017

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  • Need


    Kalomo remains one of the most impoverished in the Southern Province with some of the lowest examination results in the country according to Government statistics. In 2011, the district was placed ranked last in the National examination league, and literacy rates stand at approx. 30%. With the District Education Board we identified lack of trained teachers as a main contributing factor to this poor performance. Many community teachers are working without training, and often without pay.


    For the last year, we have been working with Charles Lwenga Teaching College to support 20 community school teachers from Kalomo to study towards a Diploma in Education. Learning out of term time over the course of three years, these teachers will eventually become government-accredited teachers, and much better equipped to teach the curriculum. By investing in teacher training we aim to boost quality standards and improve educational outcomes for children in the district.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To train 20 community teachers up to a standard whereby they can become government-accredited


    » Fund 20 community teachers to study and achieve a Diploma in Education at Charles Lwenga Training College

    All teachers will pass exams and achieve their Diploma in Education, making them eligible for government status and a government salary

  • Impact


    - All teachers will continue to work in their community schools for the three years, allowing them to combine theoretical and practical skills. High staff turnover is also a problem, so this agreement will create stability for pupils and greater continuity of teachers will boost quality.
    - Permanent, better equipped teachers will result in higher exam pass rates, retention and attendance of students
    - Teachers will have a sustainable livelihood, allowing them to become community role models


    Teachers may not do well enough to pass their final exams - we will prepare against this by fully supporting all teachers throughout their training, encouraging them to share any issues and helping them identify solutions


    We will report to donors every 6 months with feedback from staff, trainers and students, including photos and interviews. We will report back at the end of the project with exam grades and pass rates. We are happy to tailor reports for individual donors.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £31,280

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      Amount Heading Description
      £31,280 2 years for 20 teachers Includes tuition, lodging, examinations, transport and project support costs

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Major donor £15,640 Guaranteed
  • Background


    Kalomo District (Southern Province, Zambia) - we are the only organisation supporting the Board to strengthen the quality of primary education in the region, since many large international NGOs ended programmes. Despite the reduction in NGO support, Kalomo remains one of the most impoverished in the Province with some of the lowest examination results in the country according to the


    The 20 teachers on the programme (approx. half of whom are women) are the direct beneficiaries. All are teachers in the local community. Indirect beneficiaries include all the students of each teacher, both current and future, as well as the parents and families of those students. Schools themselves will also benefit from having better trained and higher status teachers, allowing them to attract more funding in future.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    - We have 10 years experience
    - Our staff are based in the rural communities they serve, making them more accountable to communities
    - We are the only international NGO in Kalomo

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    Julia Just

    Julia is our Programme Manager in Zambia. She previously worked for the German Development Service and volunteered with disabled Zambian children.

“What we’ve learnt is how to manage a class. To understand the behaviour of the children. I have to understand the behaviours of each different child”