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Project information

Vital Youth Career Shapers

Imagine it - it's the summer, you're 18, failed your exams, have no money and nothing to do. Vital Career Shapers ends this debilitating feeling for young people! We find a young persons skills and help them find the shape of their future career..

June 2015 - August 2015

Charity information: VITAL REGENERATION

  • Need


    Westminster is home to extremes. The life expectancy gap between rich and poor is 20 year, the pay gap is just as stark. Factors like household income, overcrowding, and a lack of skills all contribute to a young person leaving school and becoming economically inactive. Vital believe tackling unemployment will prevent and help to improve material and mental wellbeing. Youth unemployment has been well researched; we are working to solve the problems it causes for Westminster’s poorest residents.


    The Vital Career Shaper increases skills, employment chances and builds confidence. A 10 week client phase gives 12 young people the chance to explore careers in a law firm, from receptionist to MD. The young people create career pathway videos and online content to uncover routes into the industry and tell real stories of role models from similar backgrounds that have succeeded. Every young person is then supported for 6 months by our youth team to move into employment or stay in education.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    80% of cohort to return to education, find employment, apprenticeships or volunteering.


    » 6 months of 1 to 1 wrap around advise from our expert youth team sets milestones and goals with each young person to enable them to succeed.
    » The corporate partner we work with often offer apprenticeship interview and interview practice.
    » Each year Vital also holds networking events where employers and able to meet job seekers for specific industries.

    What success will look like

    We will measure the number of young people who return to education, find employment, apprenticeships or volunteering at the end of the 6 month 1 to 1 advice period.

    Aim 2

    For each participant to gain the Arts Award.


    » The programme content is delivered so that the assignment is Arts Award appropriate. The Award is recognised on the UCAS Tariff (35 points).

    What success will look like

    We will measure the number of young people who are able to successfully achieve the Arts Award.

    Aim 3

    For each participant to report significant confidence changes in the outcomes star


    » Confidence is one of the biggest barriers young people face. The outcomes star and course content aims to measure and deliver increased confidence.
    » Sessions will be held at the corporate venue, young people will gain confidence by having to dress and act appropriately.
    » At the end of the programme we will hold a showcase of the Career Shaper resource for law. Each young person will prepare a presentation.
    » Vital's youth team are able to address behavioural change needed to increase confidence. This is normally done one to one outside the group sessions.

    What success will look like

    Vital uses the outcomes star to measure feelings and thoughts around confidence at the beginning of the course, and then again at the end.

    Aim 4

    To create real content and experience for poor CV’s.


    » The programme is delivered with a real corporate partner and the content created is often used online as a genuine resource.

    What success will look like

    We normally measure the success of the content on the reaction from the young people's peer and other career advice organisations.

    Aim 5

    The increase social capital and inspire young people with corporate mentors.


    » The corporate partner is be a law firm. Meeting the staff and mentoring opportunities gives young people the aspirational vision.

    What success will look like

    We will measure the number of mentors and volunteers recruited and conduct one to one interview with the young people to discover the benefits of volunteers and mentors.

  • Impact


    Vital work locally and have an alumni of programme participants. Long term success includes: sustained employment; stories of increased confidence and reaching aspirations and goals; retention in school for young people at risk of NEET. the community as a whole benefits from more young people in work and they begin to act as role models for younger generations. At the moment the long term changes, past six months, are in the form of qualitative updates and stroies form our alumni network.


    Risk 1: participants drop out. To mitigate this risk, for the participants and the funders, we over subscribe the course to account for an 8% percent drop out rate. Risk 2: the product at the end of the course is of poor quality. Producing a high quality product with the young people is an integral part of the learning process. To mitigate the possibility of poor quality we use expert tutors who are able to work with young people who face significant personal barriers to produce something great.


    Vital programmes have a personalised blog that’s updated weekly during the 10 week professional assignment. We alert donors when the next blog post is ready and invite them to a showcase of the young people’s work at the end, normally hosted by the corporate client. Six month progression is reported

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £14,679

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      Amount Heading Description
      £5,989 Staff costs Staff needed for recruitment, teaching phase and personal advice phase.
      £5,088 Service Delivery and Equipment Specialist tutors, equipment hire, accreditation and exam fees, CRB disclosures.
      £2,295 Administration and Facilities Printing, materials, refreshments, payroll and HR costs.
      £1,307 Full cost recovery Senior management support, governance, fundraising.
  • Background


    Westminster’s population is 222,000, 15% are children. Vital focusses on the 5 most deprived wards including Westbourne, Queens Park, Harrow Road, and Church Street. The main ethic groups after white British include ‘other’, Black African, Black, Caribbean and Indian. 65.17% of pupils in Westminster speak a first language other than English. Westminster is the 2nd worst borough in London for pay inequality and the difference in life expectancy between the richest and poorest wards is 20 years.


    The cohort of participants will range from 16-18. All 17-18 year olds will be NEET and the 16 year olds will be a mixture of NEET and at risk of NEET. All the young people we work with live in areas of deprivation in Westminster. 14% of neighbourhoods in Westminster are in severe deprivation. Westminster is the most deprived Lower Super Output Area in England based on Income Deprivation Affecting Children (Greater London Authority Intelligence Briefing 2010).

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Vital has worked for 10 years in the local area with young people: we have researched and tested the best programmes over this time; we have co designed programmes with our committed Youth Panel that meets every quarter; we are keen collaborator working in partnerships with local school like Westminster Academy and King Solomon Academy and well as engaging numerous local corporates and employers including Westminster City Council, BNP Paribas, Farrell’s, The Lancaster Hotel and more.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Anslem Herelle Youth Manager

    Anslem Herelle Youth Manager: Skilled in linking education and training to professional development and career opportunities.

    Maliqe Mustafa Youth Worker

    Maliqe Mustafa Youth Worker: local Westminster resident, passionate about young people living in poverty. Our secret weapon for change!

    Staff From A Law Firm.

    We work with corporates whose staff make a Career Shaper unique, full of energy and insight.

    Vital Tutors

    Vital Tutors: a team of specialist tutors, who are skilled in delivering great learning opportunities in a professional environment for young people.