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Park Theatre believes that providing high quality performance art can be a major catalyst for good, particularly for people who have never had the chance to experience theatre before. This bold project explores extremism in Britain today and seeks to engage new audiences and stimulate discussion.

January 2015 - June 2015

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  • Need


    Park Theatre is based at the meeting point of three N London boroughs: Islington, Haringey and Hackney and is a key driver in the regeneration of this area of exceptional cultural and ethnic diversity. This diversity is reflected in the disparate cultural engagement levels of residents in the Finsbury Park area. The Hurling Rubble project is designed to help us connect with hard-to-reach members of our local community and begin to develop sustained relationships and nurture new theatre goers.


    The project includes a programme of targeted outreach work with schools, colleges, universities and faith groups that will culminate in the presentation of two newly commissioned plays. Through the workshop programme and plays we seek to present and explore the subject of modern British extremism from differing ends of the spectrum and we hope to engage in and encourage debate by offering a safe space for these young people and their families, to air their thoughts and fears.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To engage with very difficult and sensitive ideas and with harder to reach groups.


    » Offer a range of outreach workshops delivered in schools, colleges, universities and mosques targeting young people of all ethnic backgrounds.
    » Commission and present two new plays that explore extremism from opposite ends of the spectrum that will be performed at Park Theatre in spring 2015.

    We will be recording participant, facilitator and teacher feedback from our workshops with schools, colleges and universities and safe space discussions held in the theatre.

    Aim 2

    To engage non-theatre goers by encouraging a sense of belonging and a desire to share in the work


    » Offer opportunities to raise questions, share opinions and listen to others in a neutral space.
    » Offer 200 free tickets to participants in the outreach programme, many of whom will not have been to a theatre before.

    We hope to welcome 5,000 or more audience members, including new theatre-goers tracked through our Box Office.

    Aim 3

    To stimulate debate and discussion with audiences about a topic that is relevant to us all today.


    » Curate a series of post-show Q&A’s and discussions that enable key speakers to interact with our audiences and encourage debate.
    » Develop a social media strategy that takes these ideas beyond the theatre and invites responses.

    We will be with working with British Future to curate a series of post-show Q&A’s and discussions that enable key speakers to interact with our audiences and encourage debate

  • Impact


    We hope to develop a new audience for Park Theatre who will continue to be offered opportunities to see performances via our subsidised ticket schemes. Initiating the start of our community outreach programme is a major development for us in our second year and we will maintain a legacy after the project is over by offering an ongoing commitment to act as a safe space and encourage the continuation of the Open Space discussions.


    We may fail in our ambition to engage hard-to-reach participants in our outreach programme and the productions. We are working closely with both Islington and Camden Councils to promote the project through community links, mosques, schools, colleges and universities. We are creating ‘community ambassadors’ for the project, young people who have contacts with potential participants who are willing to endorse the project and help us engage support and promote the project through social media.


    A full evaluation report detailing the outcomes of the project will be produced including written and verbal feedback from participants, teachers, facilitators and audience as well as press reviews and responses via social media to assess the impact of the project.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £73,387

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      Amount Heading Description
      £9,226 Creative Fees Including Director, Designer, Lighting and Sound Designers and Composer
      £8,675 Writing Commission For one of the two plays
      £29,836 Salaries Including Cast, Technicians, Stage Management and Crew
      £6,650 Set Plus props and costumes
      £7,000 Marketing Including print and digital media
      £6,000 Outreach programme Including drama led, creative writing and open space workshops
      £6,000 Subsidised tickets 400 free community tickets

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Islington Council £10,200 Guaranteed
    Individual Donor £5,000 Guaranteed
    The Mackintosh Foundation £750 Guaranteed
  • Background


    Park Theatre is based in North London at the meeting point of three boroughs: Islington, Haringey and Hackney, in an area of exceptional cultural and ethnic diversity. We opened in May 2013 and stand proudly at the heart of our diverse Finsbury Park community. This diversity is reflected in the disparate cultural engagement levels of residents in the area. With two theatres, a rehearsal and workshop space plus an all-day cafe bar, our mission is to be a welcoming, vibrant destination for all.


    Young Muslims within our community share a desire to ‘have a voice’. They report feeling afraid of the news, responsible for terrorism and wary of the accuracy of press coverage. We hope to help them by promoting an understanding of far right wing extremist and Islamist extremist attitudes. Changing perceptions to enable greater understanding of the causes of radicalisation may help those vulnerable to this and support them to stay within the community and prevent any move towards extremism.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Park Theatre’s mission is ‘to be a welcoming and vibrant destination for all and to date, the Park has welcomed almost 200,000 attendees to enjoy performances, events, creative learning and participatory activities. With our artistic reputation firmly established we are now in the process of building our creative learning and community programme to fulfil our key ambition to be vital and inclusive resource for everyone, offering a range of theatre and learning experiences.

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    Jez Bond

    Jez is the Artistic Director of Park Theatre and will be directing one of the plays. He is the driving force behind the theatre and its success.

    Rod Dixon

    Rod is the Artistic Director of Red Ladder Theatre company, our co-producers. He is directing one of the plays and leading on the outreach work.

    Avaes Mohammad

    Avaes originally came from Burnley and is now based in Finsbury Park. He is writing both plays. Previous work includes Bhopal and Crystal Kisses.

    Melli Bond

    Melli is the Creative Director of Park Theatre and will help deliver workshops to schools and colleges.

Photo by Philip Vile

Photo by Philip Vile