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Handicap International's Syria Crisis Appeal

Handicap International’s emergency response has been providing specialist help, including rehabilitation care, distributing walking aids and supporting hospitals treating wounded people since Spring, 2012. Handicap International has helped more than 200,000 disabled and vulnerable Syrian people.

Winter 2014

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  • Need


    The number of victims from the Syrian conflict that began over three years ago has reached alarming heights. 13 million people have been directly affected including 3 million refugees in neighbouring countries and more than 6.5 million people displaced inside Syria.

    Every day innocent children and adults are either injured or killed by mortar blasts, cluster bombs and sniper attacks. Thousands are left with amputations and other horrific injuries.


    Handicap International’s emergency teams have been responding to the Syria crisis since the spring of 2012. Our 500-strong team in Syria, Jordan and Lebanon is providing specialist help, including emergency rehabilitation care, distributing walking aids and supporting hospitals treating wounded people. Since the start of the crisis, Handicap International has helped more than 200,000 disabled and vulnerable people.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Injured and disabled children, women and men have access to humanitarian aid


    » Identify people with disabilities and the highly vulnerable, including older people, to ensure they have access to vital humanitarian aid.
    » Supply adapted orthopaedic devices, including prostheses and orthoses.
    » Distribute mobility aids and assistive devices, including wheelchairs, walking frames, anti-sore mattresses and toilet frames.
    » Provide post-operative physical therapy in hospitals to ensure patients recover well and do not suffer from long term damage, where possible.

    What success will look like

    We have so far, provided over 19,000 people with prostheses, orthoses, physical rehabilitation, mobility aids and assistive devices.

    Aim 2

    The most vulnerable women, men and children with identified psychosocial needs receive support


    » Provision of group and individual psychosocial support sessions to people dealing with trauma, including coming to terms with disabling injuries.

    What success will look like

    We have so far, provided psychological support to more than 4,300 of the most vulnerable people with identified psychosocial needs.

    Aim 3

    Prevention of injury from unexploded bombs, mines and other weapons


    » Risk education to children and adults on the dangers on remnants of war

    What success will look like

    We have carried out risk education and raised awareness of the dangers of these weapons to over 58,000 displaced Syrians.

  • Impact


    These actions will contribute to reducing the prevalence of disability as a result of the fighting inside Syria and the living conditions of Syrian refugees. It will also help injured and disabled people cope with trauma and other psychosocial effects.


    Handicap International has been working on the Syria crisis since 2012 and in the wider region since the 1990s. While the situation in the Middle East is currently extremely volatile, we are highly experienced with emergency-conflict contexts and are monitoring it closely to ensure the protection of our teams.


    Our donors are a valued part of our organisation. We will first thank donors including any further information about our emergency work. We will then provide updates via supporter emails, our newsletter, as well as on our website and social media channels.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £20,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £20,000 Rehabilitation and equipment Could provide injured & disabled people with assistive devices, physiotherapy & psychosocial support
  • Background


    Handicap International is present in Akkar, Bekaa Valley and Tripoli in Lebanon, Amman, Ajlun, Jerash, Irbid, Mafraq - the Zaatari Refugee Camp and Zarqa - the Azraq Refugee Camp in Jordan and inside Syria itself.


    The project is supporting the most vulnerable people, including people with disabilities, people with injuries, older people, people with chronic illnesses, and other people with specific needs.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Handicap International has been working on the Syria Crisis since the Spring, 2012. We are the only charity working in an emergency context, specifically to support disabled people. For over 30 years we have been working with refugees and displaced individuals to ensure the most vulnerable people have access to humanitarian aid.

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    Anne Garella

    Regional Representative for Handicap International's emergency relief effort in the Middle East

Youssef, 14, injured Syrian refugee