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Surviving Winter Appeal 2015-16

Help alleviate fuel poverty and suffering amongst the elderly, ill and vulnerable in North and East Yorkshire, York and Hull this winter by making a donation to our Surviving Winter Appeal.

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October 2015 - March 2016

Charity information: Two Ridings Community Foundation

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  • Need


    Yorkshire & the Humber has the 4th highest rate of fuel poverty in England. Within this area North Yorkshire is the worst with almost 20% of households living in fuel poverty, and Ryedale sees a high of 38.9% - far more than 2x England's average. What's worse, fuel poverty is higher in households where someone has a disability, long term illness or is over 65. These individuals are at very high risk of discomfort, illness, isolatation and even death.


    To address this urgent need, Two Ridings is calling on all those who can to make a donation, whether or not you are a recipient of Winter Fuel Payment. Working with partners including the British Red Cross, and the Citizens Advice Bureau, the money raised will be used to alleviate the suffering caused by fuel poverty.
    Last year funds were used to provide warmth packs, hot food, blankets and emergency fuel payments. This year we hope to raise more to help those in greatest need through winter

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To alleviate the suffering and hardship experienced by those facing fuel poverty.


    » To encourage those who can afford to donate some or all of their Winter Fuel Payment to do so to support the vulnerable and elderly this winter
    » To encourage anyone, not just those in receipt of Winter Fuel Payment, who can afford a donations of any size to support this worthy cause

    Success would be reaching our target so we can address this critical issue in earnest; meeting the high demand for support in our area and transforming the lives of those in need

  • Impact


    Working with partner organisations on the frontline, payments will reach the most vulnerable and enable them to make positive changes to improve their circumstances and health during the coldest months including increased mobility, eating well and staying warm. We will monitor the number of people supported and the ways in which they have been helped. Using this information we aim to increase the number of donations received and the number of people supported each year.


    The greatest potential problem faced by this project would be the inability to meet demand as our ability to provide funds to the frontline organisations that support vulnerable people across our area relies on the generosity and energy of local people.
    However, our experience as a Community Foundation has only reinforced our confidence in the generosity of North and East Yorkshire, York and Hull residents.


    We will keep everyone up-to-date on the appeal via our regular newsletters, on twitter and by producing case studies that illustrate the impact and importance of donations.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £30,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £30,000 Crisis funds To support older and vulnerable people facing extreme hardship caused by the cold weather
  • Background


    The Two Ridings Community Foundation is the Community Foundation for North and East Yorkshire, York and Hull. As such, our Surviving Winter project is based in this beautiful region.

    Our area is huge (North Yorkshire is England's biggest county!) and diverse; encompassing both bustling cities and sparsely populated rural dales and moors. However, there are real pockets of deprivation across the region and TRCF strives to change both rural and urban lives for the better.


    Surviving Winter targets those who are most vulnerable to the dangers of winter.
    This is primarily the elderly. Half of all households in fuel poverty are occupied by over 60s, an age group which relies on a significantly diminished income and often experiences difficulties with mobility, health and isolation.
    However, others group with severe health conditions or mobility problems, and low-income families disadvantaged by high energy prices are also an important beneficiary.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Two Ridings Community Foundation is a trusted and independent local charity with more than a decade of experience supporting small community groups and local charitable projects.
    This local focus and knowledge means we are ideally placed to reach 'front line' community projects capable of reaching those in greatest need.
    We have awarded over £5mil to over 1,600 projects across North and East Yorkshire, York and Hull and aim to continue translating local generosity into real change

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    British Red Cross

    We will be working with a number of organisations, such as British Red Cross to help make sure the funds are distributed to those in need.

    Age UK

    We will be working with a number of organisations, such as Age UK to help make sure the funds are distributed to those in need.

    Citizens Advice Bureau

    We will be working with a number of organisations, such as Citizens Advice Bureau to help make sure the funds are distributed to those in need.