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Return Standard Tank 80097 to Steam!

80097 is one of the last Standard Tank steam engines that was saved for preservation that has yet to steam. During the last 10 years volunteers have been working to restore the locomotive to its former glory. This final push will help to fund the remaining outstanding work so 80097 can steam again.

January 2008 - January 2016

Charity information: East Lancashire Railway Holdings Company Limited

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  • Need


    When 80097 returns to steam the locomotive will help the East Lancashire Railway to become less dependant on outside locomotive owners who hire the railway there steam locomotives for the season.


    80097 will, along with our other steam locomotive 13065, help make the railway sustainable by creating our own home-based fleet of steam locomotives maintained by a core group of volunteers.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To return 80097 to steam within the next 18 months.


    » The contract overhaul of 80097 is the final piece of the jigsaw need to return this locomotive to steam for everyone to enjoy.

    The locomotive's boiler is in need of major repair and so far a lot of work has been undertaken by volunteers. With the help of fundraising this aim will be achieved.

  • Impact


    The project's success will be demonstrated by the continued steaming of the locomotive on the ELR. The aim is to run the locomotive alongside another ELR based locomotive, 13065 and will continue to be a valuable assets of the railway's operation.


    The locomotive is owned by the Bury Standard 4 Group who with the East Lancashire Railway Co. have struck a deal which will see the locomotive based in Bury for the foreseeable future. The risk is that company are helping a group to restore there steam engine for use on the ELR. The first partnership of its kind on the railway. The successful management of this project will pave the way for future plans.


    We have a robust donor management programme in place to keep donors updated through our website and e-newsletters.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £105,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £95,000 Boiler Specialist boiler work is needed to return the locomotive to steam.
      £10,000 Finishing A contingency and finishing fund will help make sure the project is completed on time.
  • Background


    The steam locomotive is based at Bury on the East Lancashire Railway. It will become one of our fleet and operate on our 12 miles of railway from Heywood to Rawtenstall throughout the year.


    The popularity of the Standard Class 4 has already been proved with the long term hire and operation of 80080 from the Princess Royal Class Locomotive Trust. The simple of operation and its economic capabilities have made it a popular engine amongst crews and railway engineers.

    Our volunteers and visitors will benefit enormously from the steam locomotive as the ELR continues to provide steam for years to come.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    The East Lancashire Railway has a proven track record of completing fundraising projects. We have recently restored one of our steam engines costing £500,000 and also created the Bury Transport Museum with the help of the Heritage Lottery Fund and Biffa Awards to a cost of £3.5 million.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Allan Schofield

    Allan and his team have been a major part of the locomotives restoration so far and have done a magnificent job.

An impression of how 80097 will look at Bury

An impression of how 80097 will look at Bury