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Community Transformation through Legal Education

To create both community transformation, personal transformation and access to human rights through educating inmates in Common Law through the University of London undergraduate programme; in order for inmates to self represent and legally advise their fellow unrepresented inmates.

It is an ongoing project, but each new intake of students begins in September.

Charity information: AFRICAN PRISONS PROJECT

  • Need


    We work in a continent where physical punishment and the death penalty are still widespread and where, for many people, a prison sentence means hard labour. We serve countries with police forces and prison services which are often underfunded and undertrained.
    Almost all the prisoners that we serve have never met a lawyer. Many wait in prison for years, even decades before going to court and in many countries more than two thirds of prisoners have not been convicted of an offence.More than 90%


    By investing in these capable and motivated individuals we are giving them the tools to create their own rehabilitation and change. Once they have gone through these courses, inmates are able to better represent themselves and aid in the representation of fellow inmates. Three prisoners have so far overturned their own unjust death sentences since begining their studies, and one is now a free man, who left prison better educated and better able to provide for his family than when he entered.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    For further inmates to access our ATJ Programme in order to access necessary legal knowledge.


    » We have already run this project and so have an ongoing relationship with the university of London who provide us with scholarships for the course.
    » When we have the funding we will begin the applications process to find further prospective students for September 2015.
    » Once the applicants have been selected we take on legally trained volunteers to work in the prisons, to guide students through their studies.

    What success will look like

    We create regular reports on all our projects and we will be sending out newsletters specific to this project to update supporters on how our students are doing in their studies.

  • Impact


    This is a tried and tested project with clear life saving long term outcomes. Three individuals who have previously been a part of this project have since had their death sentence overturned. Graduates of the programme have always previously set up legal aid centres within their prisons and this is another goal for future students in order to create a further sense of community and shared knowledge within prisons. This is a long term, sustainable project. Education cannot be taken away.


    Because it is a project that we have run previously there are no real risks to the programme. We have established strong, positive relationships with members of the prison services in Kenya and Uganda, and in particular with the prisons themselves. We know that many more inmates are keen to be a part of this project and that the prisons in which we plan to work look positively on our programme.


    We will report to donors with regular newsletters and social media updates regarding the progress being made by our students and their individual stories.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £5,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £2,500 Funding for one student This will fund the course and examinations for one inmate to complete an undergrad qualification
      £500 Supplies This will fund all the necessary supplied and books for the project to continue
      £2,000 Transportation It is vital, particularly in Kenya for volunteer safety, to purchase and maintain an APP vehicle
  • Background


    This programme will be taking place across prisons in Kenya, but to begin with in the Langata women's prison. Our office is in the Nairobi area, but we work across Kenya and Uganda.


    Although the predominant beneficiaries will be the students themselves, previous and current students of the access to justice programme have set up advice centres within their prisons in order to allow all inmates to access legal advice and knowledge, and so the project reaches hundreds of individuals for every student we fund. It also affects the families of inmates by giving people a means to support their family upon release and by increasing the liklihood they will make it home.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    African Prisons Project has been running for 10 years, and we have a history of great successes and real positive change. We have already affected the law in Uganda, bringing an end to mandatory death penalty for murder as a result of one of our students - Susan's case. We have a strong and significant relationship with the Kenyan and Ugandan prison services and with the prisoners themselves. APP has proved that its projects change lives, we just need support to keep them running!

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Samuel Bryers

    Samuel is our new country director for Kenya, he is responsible for running the entire access to justice programme in Kenya.

    Alexander McLean

    Alexander is our director. He is incredibly busy and overstretched, but still has significant involvement in every APP project.

    Every Law Professional Who Volunteers Their Time

    In order for the project to work, we need legally trained professionals to go into the prisons to support our students, they are so key to success.

    The Inmates And Students

    This is not a donation project, our students work incredibly hard in terribly trying conditions in order to change their own lives.

You can't isolate somebody and expect them to reintegrate into society

Bruce Schenk