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Spring Education aims to deliver half of its lessons free of charge for children from disadvantaged/poor backgrounds/families. this support will make huge difference in their future success. Children who need your support the most in local communities across Midlands will benefit from this project

October 2016 - September 2017

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  • Need


    Reports already widely circulated in newspapers which say that in Birmingham some children fail to read properly when they leave primary school. “One in five children in Birmingham are leaving primary school unable to read properly. Government figures reveal that up to 18 per cent of the city’s 11-year-olds did not reach the expected standard in their reading tests” One of the poorest young people in Europe who will need extra support to prevent them from becoming deprived and disempowered


    We have decided to reach out to the wider community to seek their help to sponsor children’s annual tuition fees, which is around £800. Some of our businessmen and contacts are already sponsoring and subsidizing their courses. Then the remaining cost for any child at our centre for the whole year is £500.
    Now thanks to BG Christmas challenge we are hoping to raise 100 sponsorship to be able to help those students from disadvantaged families to meet the excessive demand in our local communities

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    to prevent children becoming deprived and disempowered through lack of education and life chances


    » Extend our current educational courses to take up to 100 sponsored children at our 3 centres. we will provide free of charge tuition courses
    » Introduce new services such as music lessons of piano, guitar, violin and ICT lessons for the coming year

    Success will be to increase the attainment level of children and to get successful grades for 11+, SATs & GCSE subsequently give most wanted life chances to excel in their career

  • Impact


    Children in Midlands especially in Birmingham are failing to achieve expected grades in tests. Government figures showed that 18% of the city's 11 Y olds did not reach the expected level in reading. These local children need extra support for their lessons through which Spring aims a long term effect in their future. Spring will give local deprived children education chances to be successful in their deprived communities. Successful students will have a lasting influence by being role model


    There are few risks; 1- providing free of charge education or any services deem to be less valuable. We make parents sign terms&conditions to ensure they complete and pay good attention for the lessons and whole course. 2- Another risk is finding right children for the bursaries. Again we are well prepared to eliminate the risk by giving tests to children to see their level and to ensure that bursaries will go to the families who qualify for free meals. Other criteria will be considered


    Spring Management committee will be informing members of the governing body and all donors throughout this project. Communication will be sent via email and letters. They can also see the progress report of this project on a monthly basis on our website or Facebook account.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £145,600

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      Amount Heading Description
      £30,000 Rent/mortgage this includes 4 centres rents of morgtages
      £40,000 Managers full or part time 4 centre managers
      £15,000 Admin/secretary 3 part time admin workers
      £27,600 Teachers 11 part time qualified teachers (3-6 hours per week)
      £9,000 TAs 6 Teaching Assistants all part time
      £9,000 Utility bills/ Stationary for 3 centres (1 is rented so included in the rent)Books printers cartridges and other stationaries
      £7,500 subscriptions computers/advert Online subscriptions for Maths and English for IXL, Literacy Planet, Axis and NRCSE
      £7,500 painting and decorating 2 centres' painting and decoration expenses
  • Background


    The project will run in 3 locations; Birmingham, Leicester and Dudley where disadvantaged, poor families from all backgrounds especially form ethnic minorities live. Most families experience difficulties in helping their children and may not able to support them for educational needs. Education centres with their wider facilities will bridge this gap and improve children's attainment level in schools to give them success and life chances.


    Overwhelming majority of the beneficiaries are from socially and economically disadvantaged families and communities in major cities in Midlands. Also children from ethnic minority background who are well below the average national attainment level, will widely benefit from this project. This project will have an echoing effect on children's families and communities through their success, so wider local communities will directly or indirectly benefit from this project.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Spring has been running its services successfully in Midlands since 2006. Spring has been receiving excellent feedback from the community. Now it is time to expand further in helping wider local communities through bigger projects such as 'Sponsor a Child' which will make a huge difference in the lives of local children. This project evolved form excessive demand from poor families. We want to give them an extra support from becoming disempowered&disadvantagand so why we need your vital support

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Mustafa Erol

    Head of Education Centres .. Will manage the whole project from fundraising to organising all relevant issues on the 'Sponsor a Child' project

    Erhan Ermis

    Permanent staff working for the charity. Birmingham branch centre manager and responsible of running all educational activities of the centre


Sponsor a child (a child's 1 year's tuition fee)

Spring Education is a non-profitable organization. It has been operating since 2006. Spring education delivers tuition courses to children

Mr M EROL, head of education centres