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vInspired ‘Tackling Youth Unemployment’

Unemployment is one of the biggest issues facing young people in the UK. Focusing on the proven link between volunteering and employment, our project provides young people with the skills, experience and opportunities to enter and progress in the job market, building a positive and secure future.

April 2015 - March 2016

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  • Need


    16-25 year olds are at serious risk of becoming a lost generation due to high youth unemployment (approx 1 in 6 are unemployed). All young people are disproportionately affected, irrespective of their educational achievement or social background, with far-reaching detrimental effects on them. Research shows that the stress of unemployment can cause loss of self-esteem, depression and affect long-term earning potential.


    vInspired helps young people overcome these barriers by using volunteering to enable them to develop workplace skills.

    Our employment work includes; support with a Job Jumpstarter pack (JJP), providing tools for success in today’s tough job market; help getting into employment through our job search platform TaskSquad; and more intensive support (skills development, training and work-experience) for those who are not in Employment, Education or Training (NEETs).

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Provide young people with our JJP to equip them with essential skills for getting their first job


    » Provide information on preparing a CV
    » Provide advice on how to succeed in an interview and practice test questions
    » Provide tips on completing an application form
    » Provide Information on how to build a work-focused online profile – e.g. LinkedIn.

    What success will look like

    We will reach 10,000 young people with our JJP. This will be measured through the number of JJPs downloaded from our website

    Aim 2

    Connect young people (18-25) who have a volunteering track record, to short-term paid work


    » Recruit employers to our TaskSquad employment platform for young people
    » Support employers to develop their job advert to be attractive to young people of the desired calibre for the role and to post their jobs online
    » Promote paid work opportunities directly to our community of young volunteers and through their extended social media networks
    » Support young people in applying for opportunities and ensure they are paid on completion of the task/role

    What success will look like

    10% increase in the number of employers recruited to post tasks. We will measure this by comparing our employer recruitment targets against actual hours posted

    Aim 3

    Provide a full-time, personalised skills development programme for NEET young people aged 16-25


    » Identify and recruit NEET young people to our six-month programme, up to 15 young people per cohort
    » Deliver structured, needs-based induction and teambuilding sessions for young people and create tailored personal development plans
    » Support young people to work in a team and design, lead and deliver a social action project that addresses a community issue they have identified
    » Support young people to gain their Level 2 qualification and progress onto employment, education or training, including financial support where needed

    What success will look like

    75% of our NEET young people progress onto regular employment at the end of our project

  • Impact


    Our approach ensures young people are set up with the best chances for securing long term employment. Early employment experience, skills development and confidence-building ensure young people will have improved life chances in the longer term. We will monitor our progress toward a target of 10,000 young people per year reached with our resources and infrastructure tackling youth unemployment (Job Jumpstarter pack, youth recruitment platform, route to employment opportunities).


    Risk 1: Low number of work opportunities posted on TaskSquad

    Mitigation: We have a dedicated resource to recruit employers who provide work opportunities

    Risk 2: We can’t recruit enough NEET young people to our programme

    Mitigation: We have established networks that have expertise in targeting NEETs

    Risk 3: Information require needs updating due to changes in external employment and recruitment environment

    Mitigation: We annually review resources to keep them current


    Donors will receive a quarterly email report on progress on each of our aims, including some case studies of young people’s personal journeys. We will also share any points of learning for those who may be interested in supporting us in developing the project’s impact further.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £26,206

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      Amount Heading Description
      £7,615 Project Staff Project manager, Support workers
      £4,000 Materials Employment resources
      £3,826 Recruitment Young People
      £4,950 Expenses Volunteer expenses
      £1,800 Technical Support Web and Digital
      £4,015 Admin and Evaluation Payroll and Accountancy, Evaluation, Overheads; Rent, Utilites and IT
  • Background


    Our work is England-wide, but we focus our efforts on specific locations based on need. Our youth recruitment platform mainly focuses on cities where the demand for such a service is greater. We are currently targeting London and York, with plans to target Manchester and Birmingham. Our work with young people who are NEET is targeted at areas of high deprivation and social exclusion: Inner London, Northeast Lincolnshire, Merseyside, Teesside, the Black Country.


    Young people aged 16-25 who we support on their journey to sustainable employment with our skills and training packages, short-term paid work opportunities, and work-based social action placements offering a qualification and onward progression.

    Families also benefit from having their young people developing real workplace skills.

    Communities benefit from having economically active citizens and a vibrant workforce with skills relevant to local demand and job opportunities.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    vInspired is a leading national youth volunteering charity dedicated to helping 16-25 year olds to realise their full potential, supporting them to make a difference in their local communities, while increasing their skills, confidence and employability. Using the power of online engagement to inspire offline action, we offer young people easy access to our own innovative volunteering programmes and services as well as opportunities posted by our 3,700+ partner organisations around the UK.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Sam Sparrow

    Project Manager. She will be dedicated to developing our youth recruitment portal.

    Richard Paynter

    Project Manager with expertise in building impactful programmes to tackle the toughest of youth problems and leads on our work with NEETs.

    Jonathan Rennison

    Psychologist. Has worked with disadvantaged and vulnerable young people for 20+ years. He oversees the development of resources for young people.


Could support 40 young people through our project

"We see a number of young volunteers come through our recruitment process, what really stands out from these candidates is confidence and dedication"

Steve Keith - Supervising Associate - Schools, EY