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Support Stanley - Save mothers & babies in Malawi

Mothers in Malawi have a 1 in 34 chance of dying in childbirth - in the UK the figure is 1 in 6,900. We have a plan to help stem this catastrophic loss - get Stanley Daudi, 38, through his last 2 years at Medical School so that he can build a life saving team for mothers.

June 2014 - July 2016

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  • Need


    Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) in Malawi is where more than 11,000 mothers deliver each year. Many will not survive. Families fall apart when mothers die and their children face hardship and early death. There are only a handful of doctors and midwives to look after mothers and a shortage of specialists to deal with emergencies and the most seriously ill mothers. To be pregnant in Malawi is 'to have one foot in the grave'.


    Stanley worked at QECH for 15 years as a Clinical Officer - a non-medical grade of health worker with technical training. He took every chance to learn more, especially about anaesthetics. If he can complete his studies to qualify as a doctor in 2 years time, he'll be ideally placed to run a High Dependency Unit for obstetric emergencies, to provide anaesthetics for fistula surgery (for mums injured in childbirth), and to train others. Generations of mothers & children will be saved.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Support Stanley in his final 2 years at Medical School so that he can return to QECH as a doctor.


    » Fund raise to pay his Medical School fees - £6500 pa - while Stanley works shifts as a Clinical Officer to fund his living costs.
    » UK specialist doctors will offer on-line mentoring and support during his studies and afterwards at QECH

    Stanley will provide progress reports at the end of each semester, & on completion, which will be published on our website & social media.

  • Impact


    Stanley will offer insight from his medical studies plus years of practical experience to set up a working High Dependency Unit in the maternity dept. + anaesthetic service for emergencies + education & training programmes for all staff. All of these will contribute to a safer place for mothers to give birth. Mortality statistics are collected by the hospital and we will monitor these for improvement.


    Stanley may fail his studies - extremely unlikely as he was the highest scoring student on a course run by Ireland's College of Anaesthetists in Malawi and his progress to date has been excellent.
    We cannot guarantee that QECH will employ Stanley - however we have had written confirmation from the HOD that they want and need his skills and expertise.


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  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £13,700

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      £13,000 Fees 2014-16 Paid to Hubert Kairuki Memorial University
      £700 books & admin textbooks, computer, & bank charges

    Current Funding / Pledges

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    Standing Orders x 21 £4,368 Guaranteed
  • Background


    Malawi is beautiful and peaceful but one of the poorest sub-Saharan countries. It has 1 doctor for every 40,000 people (UK 1 per 400). The rate of maternal mortality is one of the highest in the world but is steadily improving. Ammalife has strong links with Malawi and continues to be engaged in long term partnerships with QECH, which is the country's main teaching hospital.


    Mothers in Malawi, who face a lifetime risk of 1 in 34 of dying in pregnancy and childbirth. Up to 20 times that number face serious injury or long term illness as a result of complications. Their orphaned children are at serious risk of early death or poor health and reduced access to education. By saving mothers' lives, we save families and, in turn, whole communities.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Ammalife is a leading, small scale, research driven charity working to combat maternal mortality. We work closely with individuals who can be the change makers in their own community, offering support and know-how. We have first hand knowledge of QECH and of the individuals involved in the project. Our research shows this works for the sustainable and long-term improvement in health care for mothers.

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    Prof Harry Gee, MD FRCOG

    Prof Gee will be the key contact with Stanley, his Medical School (HKMU) and QECH. He is Chair of Ammalife's Exec. Board & knows Malawi well.

    Prof Arri Coomarasamy

    Prof Coomarasamy leads international research teams working in Malawi. He will oversee the project as Chair of Ammalife.

    Stanley Daudi

    Stanley is a mature student, committed to working for patients in Malawi. He is compassionate, dedicated and an active Ammalife supporter.

Stanley working on his Obstetrics studies

Stanley working on his Obstetrics studies