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Food U Need

ABCC are working to develop initiatives that address the current level in food poverty, we want to create a full programme to enable people to gain the skills to grow - cook and feed themselves without creating waste and that gives them skills which they can share with family and friends.

The project will be on going as peoples needs dictate

Charity information: Anfield Breckside Community Council

Anfield Breckside Community Council
  • Need


    The current changes in the financial climate, the welfare reform and the poor quality / decline of food shops increase in pop up 'fast food' outlets on match days within the community over the years have created poor skills around cooking food. high levels of poor health as a result of lack of choice and ready meals, fuel poverty, and the demands placed on people with increased costs. means people including those working with no disposable income, so food becomes less of a priority.


    We will provide opportunities for local people to take control of their families health by creating opportunites to learn new skills around food.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To increase peoples awareness of how to
    1. manage food, 2. growing, 3. cooking


    » Teach people how to cook, using fresh ingredience
    » Teach people how to grow food at home in pots & tubs if they dont have gardens.
    » Teach people how to create meals, use leftovers, batch cook and freeze seasoned ingredients.

    What success will look like

    Buy creating a Food U Need 'campaign' that encourages people to share resources and skills, by doing this we will see an improvement in the growing, preparing and cooking

  • Impact


    We will demonstrate the changes by sharing good practice, creating a new and vibrant approach around food.
    We will increase the service offer by training up local people who can deliver quality activities.
    We will work with partners to bring about change through demand for quality food outlets in the community, or possibly create are own.




    We will provide regular bulletins with key success stories, updates of programmes, awareness of new development within the programme as the local community create demand and shape the programmes

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £13,600

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      Amount Heading Description
      £1,000 food Family food nights, men only cooking back to basics
      £1,000 Kitchen hire to cover costs
      £800 Publicity to advertise the project
      £1,500 growing equipment to provide starter packs
      £3,500 sessional tutors to bring skills such as nutrition, growing produce etc.
      £1,000 equpment Chopping boards, knives, mixers etc.
      £2,000 meal time menu foods for people to create meal plans buy food to share
      £1,800 store cupboard ingredients To enable people to sample rather than buy large amounts they may not use again.
      £1,000 Seeds & Bulbs To give people a space to grow
  • Background


    The project will take place initially at ABCC Community Centre, which is based in the Anfield area . It is hoped that as the project develops and gains momentum that we can develop sessions in other venues such as churches schools etc.
    Engaging a wider audience and greater engagement


    The programme will be tailored to benefit a wide range of people from families, individuals, and single men living alone, people with disabilities will benefit from small group sessions.
    We estimate 50 people per month will take part in the programmes x 6 month sessions x 4 programmes over a 2 year period.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    ABCC have a track record of engagement at a local level at a grass roots level, our work reaches some of the most vulnerable, while providing a range of programmes and activities for all people.
    we have 25,000 people use the centre over a year, the team of volunteers are community members who have a knowledge of the needs, issues and complex problemes facing the community so are best placed to address them, our residents groups provide a wide network to enable us to share our intiatives

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    Community Development Manager

    They will have overall lead for working with the team to develop the programme


    The volunteers will be instrumental in delivering the programme bringing their support and skills

    Residents Groups

    The residents groups has a track record of working locally with groups on initiatives that bring about local change.