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Holistic Care Center for human trafficking victims

Trauma care for females is almost exclusively an urban “shelter” model of service delivery. This model is failing because women refuse to come. Hagar believes that bringing services to where the women are living in the rural communities is an innovative way of successfully changing the status quo.

March 2015 - February 2016

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  • Need


    The majority of women trafficked out of Vietnam are from ethnic minority communities in the northern provinces. Vietnam is one of the highest source countries of trafficked victims into the UK. These traumatized women who are able to escape their situation find that the only services to help them are in the city. Hagar wants to provide a holistic treatment facility in northern Vietnam to provide quality psychological, legal, medical and spiritual treatment near their villages and families.


    Hagar would like to set up a Satellite Care Center in one of the main provinces of northern Vietnam that is heavily targeted by human traffickers. This Care Center would provide psychological, medical, legal and spiritual services to both survivors of human trafficking, sexual exploitation and domestic violence close to their homes. This allows for inclusion of the family into the treatment process and entrance into a microenterprise program that economically empowers these rural survivors.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Provide coordinated professional therapeutic support for 30 women during Year 1 of the project


    » Provide over 75 private counseling services for women and adolescents during Year 1 of the project
    » Provide over 50 family counseling services during Year 1 of the project
    » Provide legal and medical assessments and support for 100% of all clients
    » Provide a social worker to do case management on all clients

    What success will look like

    Success will be seen through professional services that ultimately end in women or adolescents that are healed in mind and body and are economically independent

    Aim 2

    Provide prevention services through community campaigns that reach 30% of the female population


    » Provide 30 community talks on how to prevent becoming a victim of human trafficking during Year 1 of the project
    » Provide 30 community talks on domestic violence during Year 1 of the project
    » Provide a media campaign that gives each community the information on our hotline
    » Provide special classes and services to adolescents at high risk of being trafficked

    What success will look like

    Success will be seen through an increase in women and adolescents who have increased knowledge of accessing services, human trafficking and domestic violence

    Aim 3

    Graduate women who are healed in mind and body and able to support themselves economically


    » Provide a microenterprise program, which will allow our clients to start businesses that can be successful in rural areas
    » Provide classes on basic skills needed to run a business to every client who enters the program
    » Provide starter materials to clients for their new businesses which will be paid back to Hagar, so in turn for new clients to access the program
    » Provide close supervision and mentorship to ensure success of at least 80% of microenterprise businesses that are started

    What success will look like

    Success will be seen through an increase in women and adolescents that are economically independent through a microenterprise that is successful in rural areas

    Aim 4

    Build capacity at the provincial government level to provide services to female victims of trauma


    » Memorandum of Understanding completed with the Vietnamese Women’s Union (VWU) to delineate roles and responsibilities of the partnership
    » Mentor VWU staff through one on one mentoring programs
    » Provide trainings to VWU staff and other government officials to aid them in obtaining expertise in the area of trauma clients
    » Define referral systems together based on experience and best practices.

    What success will look like

    Success will be seen by a strong collaborative partnership in which both sides play important roles and grow from the partnership

  • Impact


    This project will increase the number of women who seek help dealing with the trauma of human trafficking, sexual exploitation and domestic violence. We will be able to demonstrate the increase in women seeking help by using baseline statistics from the local Vietnamese Women’s Union and compare to numbers at the end of Year 1 of the pilot project. Success will be a 15% increase in this number.


    The largest risk facing this project would be mistrust of Hagar by the communities in that province. Due to lack of knowledge about us at the rural level and the sensitive nature of our work this could adversely affect the project.

    In order to deal with this potential risk, Hagar will partner with the government through the provincial Vietnamese Women’s Union (VWU). VWU is known and trusted by the local women, which will allow us to gain access and form alliances during the first year.


    Donors to this project will receive quarterly updates on the project detailing the ongoing and upcoming activities and any necessary changes that have been made to the project plans. At the end of Year 1 of the pilot project a final report will be submitted

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £61,723

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      Amount Heading Description
      £22,221 Staff costs Salary and start up costs
      £6,433 Capacity building Trainings sessions and Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence Prevention Campaign
      £14,269 Program Management Costs Office, travel and communications costs
      £11,696 Microenterprise Program Investment in micro-enterprise
      £7,104 Indirect costs Contribution to organisational overheads
  • Background


    The northern mountainous provinces lag behind all other provinces in Vietnam in terms of income, services, markets and development. The people living in the North, especially in the northwest, are mainly poor farmers who have little access to essentials like clean water and quality housing. The majority of those living there are members of ethnic minority tribes who are further isolated by language barriers and substandard school systems. This makes them prime targets for human traffickers.


    Women and adolescents (15 years old and up) that have been identified by the government as having been a victim of human trafficking, sexual exploitation or domestic violence will be the primary beneficiaries of this project.

    There will also be prevention talks that will benefit the whole communities and a program for adolescents at high risk for trafficking and sexual exploitation

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Hagar International has over 20 years experience working with victims of severe trauma by providing holistic individualized treatment plans for our clients. Our relationship with the Vietnamese government is strong and we are known as one of the forefront providers of direct services for trauma survivors.

    All our professional staff is either Bachelor’s or Masters degree prepared which allows us to provide higher quality services. We also have safe houses in Hanoi if that is required

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    Kerry Kelly

    Kerry is Country Director and has 25 years of professional experience leading teams to provide quality innovative treatment for women and children.


    Huyen has a Masters degree in Psychology with experience counseling women and children suffering from trauma.


    Ha has degrees in both law and social work, 7 years experience as social worker supporting victims of domestic violence and human trafficking


    Linh has an employment background developing capacity of small enterprises supporting disadvantaged youth, now leads our economic empowerment program