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Our Pathfinder Programme supports individuals who want to work, but are struggling to find their way and make the transition to 'civvy street'. It helps our wounded, injured and sick to identify their goals, re-build confidence, expand their skill set, take control and find a new direction in life.

It is a continuous programme of support started this year

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  • Need


    The sad reality for most Servicemen and women who suffer a life-changing injury or illness is that their military career is over. Life will no longer be the same. A military environment is often all they have ever known. Now they must start again, often with few qualifications, limited experience and low self-esteem, not to mention a disability to adapt to. Through our fellowship we receive many cries of help from individuals overwhelmed by the decisions they must suddenly make about their lives


    The programme gives a clear direction of travel through a series of activities designed to provide support at every step of the journey. At the heart of it sits the Pathfinder Experience, a year-long, three-part course which Inspires, Enables and Supports individuals helping them to mentally adjust and prepare for their new life, as well as bridge the divide between the military and civilian worlds with practical support.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    We hope to build on the early success of the programme and the number of individuals supported


    » We plan to double the number of Pathfinder Experience courses run in 2014 - 2015 by investing in a further seven courses

    What success will look like

    At the end of it's first year we have supported 44 Pathfinders through five courses, 15 are already in employment. With 7 extra courses we would be directly helping 49 more heroes

  • Impact


    There have been over 7,500 medical discharges in the last five years. Many are young - the average age of a soldier returning from Afghanistan is 22. They have their whole lives ahead of them and Pathfinder will help them to carve out a new, independent and fulfilling future for themselves and their families. The success will be demonstrated by the number of individuals who have made successfully made the transition to civilian life and employment.


    There are two main risks to the project are being able to enlist enough beneficiaries and that those undertaking the experience will not find employment at the end of the course. To reduce both we have developed strong links with other charities and agencies offering employment support, including The Princes Trust, Career Transition Partnership, Recovery Careers Service and Worldwide Volunteering building two way partnerships of sign-posting and provision of opportunities.


    Funders will receive regular reports from the charity on the success of those taking part in the Pathfinder Experience and detailing all future developments to the Pathfinder Programme as a whole.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £57,500

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      Amount Heading Description
      £57,500 Pathfinder experience Holding five year long, three-part courses
  • Background


    The Pathfinder Experience courses are run at our four Recovery Centres across the UK. These are in Tidworth, Catterick, Colchester and Plymouth, locations specifically chosen because of their status as large garrison towns.


    The Pathfinder Programme supports Veterans and serving personnel from all three services who have been wounded or injured, or have become sick, as a result of serving their country. Our primary focus is on those affected by recent and current conflicts due to the urgency and extent of their needs.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Through our fellowship network we are in touch with almost 5000 of our heroes and their families. We hear their cries for help and listen to their fears and worries for the future. Our programmes are created to answer to their needs and we work closely with other Service charities to ensure that there is no duplication of effort. We are also the single biggest contributor to Recovery Delivery in the UKs history, confirmed by the MOD.

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    Susan Turnbull

    Head of Training and Development. Susan has been instrumental in the creation, success and development of our employability capability.

    Sarah Tomlinson

    Pathfinder Co-Ordinator, Sarah runs and facilitates the courses liaising with the Recovery Centres, participants and those involved in the delivery.

It's been a massive turning point and really helped me work out what I want in life

Tim Brayley