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Nottinghamshire Rural Befriending

NRB will help older people live independently for longer in their own homes, helps prevent isolation and maintains quality of life. We encourage social, mental and physical fitness through our activities. We wish to expand RBBS to a Countywide service reaching more vulnerable and lonely people.

February 2015 - January 2016

Charity information: Rural Community Action Nottinghamshire

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  • Need


    We wish to remove barriers preventing older people from living healthy and happy lives.


    We will extend our service to rural parts of Nottinghamshire not currently covered by our service. By expanding our proven track record, we will use a network of volunteers, who will offer practical and emotional support on a one to one basis, to enable and encourage more active lifestyles. Volunteers promote improved health and wellbeing, confidence and self esteem through supporting their befriendees in attending and participating in activities and social events.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To enable older people to remain independently for longer in their own homes.


    » Recruit and train a network of volunteers to support our befriendees
    » Match befriendees with a one to one volunteer
    » Development of individual and group activities to include luncheon club, crafts and other physical and practical actvitiies.

    We will carry out project evaluation with beneficiaries, volunteers and referring agencies which will assess the impact of our intervention.

    Aim 2

    To help combat loneliness and isolation for older people living in rural Nottinghamshire.


    » Recruit and train a network of volunteers to support our befriendees
    » Match befriendees with a one to one volunteer
    » Development of individual and group activities to include luncheon club, crafts and other physical and practical actvitiies.

    We will monitor attendance and evaluation of our individual activities. We will survey ongoing requests for activities from our befriendees and volunteers.

  • Impact


    Our project will bring about increased well being and contentment through interaction with our peer volunteers, increased levels of fitness, reduced levels of loneliness and improved physical and mental health. This will be demonstrated through our evaluations as above and also through increased take up within our service.


    No take up in volunteers - promote the service through appropriate channels and ensure that volunteers benefit from the experience.
    Lack of referrals - we will proactively engage with relevant partner networks and referral agencies to alert them to our increased reach in area.
    Working with vulnerable older people - all of our volunteers will be trained to have the skills required to ensure physical and emotional support is in place, including safeguarding requirements. DBS checks carried out.


    We will carry quarterly reports showing beneficiary numbers, case studies and financial reporting mechanisms. We will produce a quarterly newsletter to update on activity. Publicity materials and other information will be provided. Overall evaluation reports will be presented.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £49,400

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      Amount Heading Description
      £26,200 Project Co-ordinator 1 fte, scp 26 inc pensions and ni's
      £2,800 Clerical support 0.5 day per week
      £5,200 Management costs 0.5 days per week
      £3,100 Staff training/travel Training £500, Travel £2,600
      £6,100 Running costs Accom £1900,Stationary £800,Publicity/marketing £1200,IT Support £800,Insurance/Audit£900,Laptop£500
      £6,000 Vol training/expenses/roomhire Room hire £1000, Vol expenses £1000, Vol expenses £4000
  • Background


    Our project will be held Countywide across rural Nottinghamshire which over the last 20 years has been severely hity by the decline in its coal mining and textile industries, causing social and health inequalities across the county. This linked to the rural premium and the reduction in and access to services has had a huge knock on effect on its ageing population. Nottinghamshire has many rural areas masked by its more affluent neighbours, leaving large isolated areas of deprivation.


    We will support older people who may have no family or friends close by, may have no spouse or partner and may be be lonely or isolated, may have poor physical health and mobility, and may need help to go to the shops or access appointments. Continued closure of shops, post offices, health provision and library services along with the imminent reduction in rural bus services will further exascerbate the situation.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We currently deliver the only Rural Befriending support service in Nottinghamshire, which is limited to one district of Bassetlaw. We want to use our skill and expertise to expand the service and fill in the gaps of unmet need we know exists. We are the only rural specialist organisation within the County with extensive partner networks and skills in place to expand this much needed service.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Project Co-Ordinator

    New full time post. Remit to: recruit/train/support volunteers, promote service, arrange activities, manage project/finances/reports

    Network Of Volunteers

    New network of 30 volunteers supporting one to one and group activity and enabling older people to be more actively engaged in a range of activities.

    Referral Agencies And Partner Organisations

    A range of organisations who will link us up and signpost vulnerable people through our referral system.