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End Fistula with Ethiopiaid

Ethiopiaid is committed to eradicating obstetric fistula by 2020. By working with our long standing partner of 20 years - Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia - we will eliminate this preventable and destructive injury by funding life-changing operations and training skilled and professional midwives.

May 2017 - December 2020

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  • Need


    In Ethiopia, there are approximately 9,000 new cases of obstetric fistula per year. It’s estimated that 40,000 women and girls are affected by this condition, specifically in rural areas where access to maternal care and treatment is poor. For an estimated 20m women of reproductive age, there are only 1,379 trained midwives.

    Please view the photo book by Joni Kabana that highlights the importance of maternal healthcare in Ethiopia;


    Ethiopiaid has a proven history of successfully working with the Hamlin Fistula Hospital to deliver life changing operations and rehabilitation services to fistula patients. We have now partnered with the Hamlin College of Midwives to support young women to become highly skilled, trustworthy and accountable midwives, who serve the women and families in their rural communities. This will increase access to quality maternal health care, which will prevent the prevalence of obstetric fistula.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Eradicate Obstetric Fistula in Ethiopia by 2020


    » Tackle the immediate issue by funding 50 fistula operations in the first year.
    » Invest in the future of quality maternal healthcare by supporting five new midwives through their training.

    What success will look like

    Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia will provide us with regular reporting on the number of operations performed and the progress of our five new midwives.

  • Impact


    One of our core activities is to fund five students from isolated rural communities through their midwife training. After graduation, the qualified midwives will be placed in rural health centres and offer pre-natal, intra-natal and post natal services so that women and families have access to quality maternal healthcare. This will reduce the prevalence of obstetric fistula and achieve the long term aim of eradicating the condition for good.


    As a leader in the treatment and prevention of obstetric fistula, the element of risk will be managed by Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia (HFE), as they understand the cultural challenges surrounding the project. Since 2010, 39 midwives have graduated from the College of Midwives, highlighting HFE's successful project delivery and competence at managing risk. Our 20 year partnership with HFE has enabled us to manage risk in an effective way through regular activity and finance analysis and field visits.


    We will provide regular updates, online via our website and through email newsletters, as well as sharing successes through our regular Fistula appeals.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £50,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £30,000 Training of midwives £30,000 will provide training for 5 new midwives for the full four years of their course.
      £20,000 Fistula operations £20,000 will fund 50 critical, life-changing operations at the Addis Ababa Fistula Hopsital
  • Background


    Ethiopiaid dedicate their support to Ethiopia. The project will be lead by our experienced partner Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia. Operations will take place at their central hospital in Addis Ababa and midwives will be placed in rural areas of greatest need.


    Directly, you will help 50 fistula patients and support the training of five new midwives. Indirectly, you will be supporting at-risk women in rural communities with no access to maternal healthcare, the families and communities in these isolated areas as well as new born babies who will be delivered in a safe environment and in the presence of a medical professional.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Ethiopiaid have 25 years experience in supporting sustainable change in Ethiopia through partnerships with local, Ethiopian-run NGOs. We have worked alongside the Hamlin Fistula Hospital for over 20 years and have followed their remarkable progress in changing the lives of Ethiopian women. We employ just two members of staff and our office space is donated free of charge. This means that our overheads are small and the work is controlled by our partners in Ethiopia.

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    Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia (HFE)

    Our partner, HFE, will oversee all of the operations and guide our new midwives through their training. Their experience and success is unmatched.