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MOVE’s Reaching for Healthier and Happier Lives – helping severely disabled children reach their full potential.

Imagine a world in which your mobility was severely restricted and you were not given the opportunity to learn the skills you needed to be able to access your community and live an independent and dignified life, simply because it was believed you were unable to achieve anything more.

This is the reality for the 110,000 severely disabled children throughout the UK, as it is easy to believe that there is little they can achieve, however, through the MOVE Programme they are given the opportunity in their schools/centres/clinics and homes to reach their full potential by learning the skills to be able to sit, stand, walk and transfer to the best of their ability. This brings a wealth of benefits including health, social and cognitive improvements, whilst helping the children to achieve increased independent mobility.

Through MOVE these marginalised children and young adults’ lives can be transformed to the healthiest and happiest lives possible. They will no longer be simply a statistic but active participants in their own lives and their communities

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