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Empowering girls to stay in school in Kenya!

We want, with your help, to give the 120 girls’ at Kipteris School in Kenya’s Rift Valley a chance of getting an education by making it easier for them to stay in school once they hit puberty.
We will build new school toilets, teach them about reproductive health and supply reusable sanitary pads.

January 2015 - December 2015

Charity information: Friends Of Kipkelion

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  • Need


    Kipteris School is in a remote part of Kenya where a staggering 80% of girls fail to complete secondary school. One thing that stops them doing so is the lack of toilets and washrooms at school. It’s not hard to imagine what an embarrassment and difficulty that is when girls have their periods. Sanitary protection, if available, is often unaffordable and many girls become discouraged and either stop attending school regularly, or drop out entirely, from as young as 12 years old.


    Kipteris School has asked us to supply their 120 girl pupils with reusable sanitary pads and to teach them how to wash and maintain them; the girls will learn through interactive sessions with a trained facilitator about personal hygiene and their monthly cycle, and will be encouraged to continue their studies.

    We’ll also build high quality latrines and washrooms at the school, with a good water supply, to enable the girls to attend school throughout the month.

    But we can’t do it alone.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Enable all 120 girls to attend Kipteris School throughout the month, and continue their education.


    » Provide reusable sanitary pads for 120 girls and show them how to wash and maintain them, and how to generate income to get more pads if needed.
    » Educate the girls about their reproductive health through interactive training sessions on menstrual hygiene, self-esteem and decision making.
    » Economically empower the girls through modules on income generation within the training programme, which is run by trained facilitators.
    » Build a new latrine block and washrooms for the girls at Kipteris School, providing safe, secure and hygienic sanitary facilities for the girls.

    We’ll be able to measure the success of the project via the increased attendance and enrolment of girls at the school, along with a visible improvement in exam results.

  • Impact


    Girls who complete secondary school in Kenya usually have fewer children, have healthier children and have higher incomes and better employment prospects compared with those who drop out of school. They are also more likely to be able to resist FGM, which is still practised in the Kipteris area despite being illegal.

    We will monitor perinatal mortality rates, child poverty rates and economic data from the area around Kipteris School in the long term to demonstrate the project’s success.


    The project does depend on the co-operation of the school leadership, but as they have requested the project, this is unlikely to be a problem.

    The building work needs to be completed in the dry season, before the heavy rains begin. Our builders and facilitators have successfully completed similar projects for other schools in the area so we’re confident that the project can be delivered effectively and on time.


    As a much-valued donor, you’ll receive an email report every three months detailing the project’s progress, and of course a summary report upon its completion.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £8,220

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      Amount Heading Description
      £5,307 Construction Construction of latrines and washrooms
      £1,610 Supervision Supervision and support
      £487 Training Training costs for the school
      £816 Equipment Sanitary kits for 120 girls
  • Background


    Kipteris School is in Kipkelion, a remote rural area in Kenya’s Rift Valley with an area of approximately 400 square miles and a population of 228,000. The people are mostly subsistence farmers and 44% live below Kenya’s national poverty line. About half the population are children under 18 years old. Sadly, only 20% of girls and 30% of boys attend secondary school.


    The 120 girls currently attending Kipteris school will benefit directly, as will the girls who will join the school from primary schools in future years, as the project will be fully sustainable and is expected to benefit the school indefinitely.

    The families of the girls, and ultimately their children, will benefit indirectly, as educated girls enjoy better health and better economic prospects.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Friends of Kipkelion is a UK charity focused on the Kipkelion area of Kenya, where Kipteris School is situated. Our main aims include providing access to clean water, sanitation and education. We work closely with a respected local partner organisation, Friends of Londiani Kenya, a well-established Kenyan NGO that shares our objectives and has experienced local staff based in the area. Together we have already completed similar projects in 22 schools in the area and achieved excellent results.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Chelangat Caroline

    Field Officer permanently based in Kipkelion who has worked on similar projects for nearly 10 years.

    Martin Ballantyne

    CEO, Friend of Londiani – highly experienced in managing development projects, based in Kipkelion 6 months of the year.

    Michael Deriaz

    Chairman, Friends of Kipkelion – highly experienced in project management and will be responsible for monitoring and evaluation.