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We will rescue more children and adults who are victims of human trafficking in the UK by: a) training more people to spot the signs and refer suspected cases and b) assisting more victims to find on-going health services, housing, jobs, and other services that lead survivors to self-sufficiency.

December 2014 - December 2015

Charity information: Hope For Justice

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  • Need


    Hope for Justice is an anti-human trafficking charity working directly with victims in the UK to uncover and ultimately eradicate the hidden crime of modern-day slavery. Human trafficking is not someone else’s problem, it’s happening in our communities, in our neighbourhoods, in our country. Human trafficking is modern day slavery. It’s serious organised crime and big business. Criminals can only profit from the sale of drugs and guns once but they can sell a victim’s services again and again.


    1. We will expand our successful frontline training programme for professionals including the police, social services and homeless shelter staff to spot the signs of modern day slavery and refer any concerns directly to us.

    2. We will rescue and assist more victims not just to survive their ordeal but to regain their confidence and hope for the future using an accredited 3 stage programme of support and re-integration into normal society.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    We will increase the number of professional contacts we train annually.


    » We will offer more training opportunities to existing professonal contacts including the police, social services and homeless shelter staff.
    » We will identify new professional connections and offer them training for the first time.

    We will increase the number of people we train from the current level of just over 700 in the last year to over 2000 a year during the project's 12 month term.

    Aim 2

    We will increase the number of children and adults we rescue and assist in the UK.


    » We will recruit a F/T Operations Coordinator to oversee all cases from initial referral to transfer to our Legal and Survivor Support team.
    » We will recruit a F/T Survivor Support Coordinator to advocate on victims' behalf and provide general support to help them become self sufficient.

    We will increase the number of people we rescue and assist each year from the current level of 110 to over 250 during the project term.

  • Impact


    By training more people to identify and refer suspected cases and by assisting victims to recover from their ordeal and move to self-sufficiency, we will significantly reduce the number of children and adults trafficked for profit.

    We will review success by using the above targets (for training and rescue/assists) and also the number of perpetrators we successfully prosecute and the level of compensation we obtain through the courts for victims.


    There is a risk that insufficient numbers commit to training. We are countering this by scheduling meetings with all existing professional contacts to ensure they commit fully and communicate details of training to all relevant staff.
    There is a risk we fail to meet our targets for rescues but this is countered by the steps taken to ensure we reach our targets for referral training (which lead to more rescues) and by our investigators continuing to work closely with their police counterparts.


    We will email quarterly updates to donors with details of progress to the project targets. A comprehensive report will be prepared at the end of 12 months detailing the results achieved plus the learning identified and how we will use this to improve in future.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £62,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £20,600 Training w/shops 2000 people trained @ £10.30 per person
      £18,000 Salary F/T Operations Coordinator - new post
      £18,000 Salary F/T Support Coordinator - new post
      £5,400 Salary on-costs On-costs including NI and pension
  • Background


    Hope for Justice operates from its Head Office in Manchester and via 2 Regional (Operations) Hubs in the North East and North West. We aim to expand to a network of 8 Regional Hubs covering the UK with the next one currently being planned for London. Most of our referrals originate from the region where each hub is located although we do receive referrals from other parts of the country. Where this is the case we liaise with our police partners over how best to proceed.


    This project will provide us with additional resources to assist 120 victims of human trafficking with 75% of victims assisted going on to successfully complete the Hope for Justice 3 stage recovery programme.

    Human trafficking, much like the illegal drug industry, provides huge wealth to the criminal sub-culture thereby empowering them and enabling other crime. The extent of this ‘other crime’ is known to be significant, creating a wider corrosive effect on local communities.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Hope for Justice focuses on investigating instances of human trafficking and following up with rescues. There are a number of other excellent charities in the field who conduct research projects, raise public awareness and lobby government. They all make outstanding contributions but Hope for Justice remains the only charity with all the skills necessary in-house to investigate and rescue, provide aftercare, recovery and advocacy for victims, obtain compensation and prosecute perpetrators

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    Paul Garner

    Paul is the Operations Manager for Hope for Justice. He has considerable experience of working at senior level and of delivering successful projects.

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