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Pump-prime opportunities for paid employment within freshly-cooked and delivered Meals Services: supporting transition to the world of work: filling the gap between training and independence for vulnerable adults: mental illness/ learning disability.

November 2014 - October 2017

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The CRUMBS Project

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  • Need


    1)Taking people furthest from the workplace. 2) Assessing barriers to employment. 3) Overcoming low esteem 4) Offering: a) in-depth 2 year training programme b) careful analysis to assess needs c) Intern graduate programme to finetune attitudes and skills for sustained employment d) new Outreach programme to support employers and employees now our target. Work-steps programme towards paid employment: the biggest hurdle of all.


    Crumbs mixed-disability 2 year training in Community Food Service Programmes combats very low self-esteem/no experience of work/barriers to communication. Very careful analysis/discussion reveals ambitions/personal training needs. TARGET: attaining first rung on the employment ladder which can be a major feat. This fund creates opportunities to assist change from benefit dependency to paid work: generates references for future employment.: nationally recognised qualifications.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Set up Meals Services to provide work experience/ references for future job applications


    » 1. Develop food services in Independent-living Housing Association accommodation to deliver sustained work practices/ conditions for future employment
    » 2. Develop service teams for lunches/ breakfasts/ teas: wide spread of events/ resilience gained from new venues/ positive outcomes from experience.
    » 3. Up-skill further Crumbs graduates to earn more qualifications for work. Three monthly appraisals identify gaps in knowledge and study to do.
    » 4. Teach transferrable skills for employment use. "Work-Steps": business knowledge/ literacy/ numeracy/ NVQs on-going. Work trials progressing.

    Talk with customers and ascertain their reactions to service. Monitor take-up: meals/ numbers sold. Judge if service approverd / reference would be good: NB customer relations.

    Aim 2

    Where skills-set allows, provide paid employment within workplace conditions.


    » 1. In-put training for workplace acceptable behaviour/ manners: "Work-Steps".
    » 2. What is expected of you/ time-keeping: reporting sickness etc.
    » 3. Practice interviewing for jobs.
    » 4. Learn dress code

    Offer 16 hour placements to 25 yr+ graduates. Dictated by monitoring/ skills recorded/ customer approval: minimum wage £6.50 = £5,408 pa. £20,000 woud support 4 posts per annum.

    Aim 3

    Set up monitoring process for reference now and future planning


    » 1. Design monitoring forms
    » 2. Cross-reference for future planning
    » 3. Set up six-monthly graduate appraisals for Interns.
    » 4. Ask Graduates for in-put into process

    Design monitoring forms for purpose. Consult beneficaries in set-up. Allow for changes in format as experiences recorded. Stretch graduates/ employees as time passes.

    Aim 4

    Use employer data base from Making Connections Employment Club to research jobs: discuss


    » 1. Include employment club as integral part of up-skilling
    » 2. Discuss differing employment opportunities
    » 3. Endeavour to include working ”ex-trainees” now in employment
    » 4. Encourage learning through other’s experience.

    Data base to be set up in early stages by Crumbs training coordinator. Experiences in differing situations to be recorded: discuss best practice. Include graduate perceptions.

  • Impact


    Crumbs proven training record and success with heavily challenged vulnerable adults is on record. This step is designed to provide transition between training and employment. Proof of WORK EXPERIENCE can be crucial to gaining employment. In due course this will change attitudes to employing disabled people. It could break the cycle of disadvantage in our locality. Self-confidence together with educational skills are the legacy we provide: please will you help us.


    Customers can be fickle: change their minds. Important to work with them designing menus/ preferences and whether they like change.
    Funding: whereas Crumbs Training and Food Services Hub is designed to maximise returns on our food sales and training, help with major salaries remains a priority for the present.
    Government changes in policy: different targets are agreed: cut-backs are still being made.
    Financial crises and recession cause customers to retrench.


    On a regular basis according to their preference.
    New documents can be designed according to their needs.
    We will always consult with them and ascertai their requirements.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £23,192

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      Amount Heading Description
      £21,632 salaries four graduate 16 hour posts
      £1,560 core costs Administration

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    crumbs £1,560 Guaranteed
  • Background


    Bouremouth is a seaside town in Dorset with long sandy beaches and a reputation amongst holiday makers for value for moneyin the many hotels and boarding houses nearby. Many highy dependent persons also gravitate to the area, coming to live in Boscome where Crumbs cafe currently is situated, with our finger buffet services nearby. Landlords in the area house many of our trainees and graduates, some of whom have now moved on into work in other areas and from whom we have now lost touch.


    Bouremouth had a population of 183491 in the 2011 census. Boscombe where we operate is a run-down part of the town which struggles to keep up but in reality houses families managing on low incomes and benefits. In recognition of their in-put into our training programme, costs are kept low within our food services: no customers - no training. So our beneficaries include 1) knowledge/skills for trainee workforce 2) low-priced food for all customers 3) excellent service to businesses:

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Founded in 1996 and charitable status since 1997, we have a wide experience of this area with a proven track record for training. Strategically the decision to grow opportunities for work has been discussed with other organisations including the Council who buys 20 training places yearly over a period since 2000. Many referring agents use our service on a regular basis: support is available from the Council for Voluntary Service. Staff expertise is proven: we are trusted to deliver.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.



    Crumbs Organisational Manager/ one of the Management Service Team: with us for ten years: runs an inclusive, dedicated team: staff/trainees/volunteers


    Coordinator Finger Buffets: will be running the Community Food Services where some of the work will be located: excellent teacher and business woman

    Ursula Boardman

    Is now running the Making Connections Project for Outreach support and employment issues: at launch to work on employer data base and job research


Pays one day's training for a trainee

….. “Like a college course, training and learning how to do things, getting certificates and qualifications”.