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Burnage Youth Centre

An empty youth centre in Burnage is becoming a new home to N-Gage’s youth work programmes and we're fundraising £20,000 for repairs needed before we can move in. We are excited to be offering a range of youth work services to young people who come from deprived and disadvantaged backgrounds.

We are hoping to run our project in Burnage for years to come

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  • Need


    We know that young people in Burnage face many challenges including involvement in anti-social behaviour, community exclusion, poverty and deprivation. Many have few aspirations in life and struggle at school and home. We are aware that there is very little youth provision in the area and that the youth centre has remained empty for the last year. We are keen to see the lives of young people impacted positively and turned around through our youth work services.


    N-Gage’s primary goal is to be young person centred. We are motivated by our own experiences to see young people’s lives transformed and society impacted as a result of this. From the centre we intend to operate a youth drop in, community space for hire, educational support and alternative provision, training and a community cafe. We want to provide an opportunity to develop stronger links in the community and to extend the range of N-Gage’s youth services.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Young people benefitting from having access to new, well-delivered high-quality youth services.


    » The Beats: An exciting enterprise challenge using the latest computers and music software where young people create and produce their own music album.
    » Young Leaders' Programme: Aimed at 16-19 year olds this programme hones leadership skills and looks at making positive contributions in the community.
    » Revolution: Reward trips for good behaviour where young people are invited to participate in a range of fun activities such as bowling and the seaside
    » Residentials: Young people are taken on a range of outdoor activities where they learn about team work, communication and positive behaviour.

    What success will look like

    Success will be seeing an ever-increasing number of young people from the local community regularly accessing and enjoying the youth centre and N-Gage's youth provision.

    Aim 2

    Young people being given a voice to help design, develop and manage projects on community issues.


    » Youth Panel: an opportunity for young people to express their concerns on the issues which matter to them and find constructive ways to see change.
    » Transform: community action projects which allow young people to get involved with practical change in their community such as litter-picking.
    » Role-Shadowing: young people will be given the chance to see a charity in action and learn more about the third sector and what various roles involve

    What success will look like

    Establishing a committed group of young people who form a Youth Panel where community action projects are planned and delivered by them from beginning to end.

    Aim 3

    A shift away from educational and social exclusion and anti-social behaviour.


    » By offering a stimulating environment with positive role models for young people to learn and grow, we hope to positively impact their life choices

    What success will look like

    Success will be witnessing progress made in the behaviour, education and social well-being of young people who access the youth centre and services.

    Aim 4

    Local community organisations and other agencies benefitting from access to the youth centre.


    » We intend to hire out some of the rooms in the youth centre to partner agencies so that other services can be accessed by the local community.

    What success will look like

    We intend to see our youth centre meeting rooms regularly booked out during day time hours by local agencies and organisations who can support local families and young people.

  • Impact


    The project will reverse the lack of youth services in this area and in doing so it will improve the lives and attitudes to home, school, work and authority of young people living in the Burnage community.

    We will demonstrate the success by tracking the number of young people who access the service and their progress. We will also gain feedback from a range of groups in the local community including the council and the police about the changes they have noticed since our arrival.


    If young people do not choose to access this project then we will not meet the targets we have set ourselves. However we have well-established links with this area already through our detached youth work and have already gained the support of a number of local organisations already operating in the area. We also have a strong Marketing campaign which we intend to use to encourage an upturn in users as well as enlisting local schools' support in encouraging service users to access our offering.


    We have well-established links with our donors through monthly newsletters as well as weekly updates through Facebook and Twitter. We will hold a yearly AGM and release a yearly Annual Review which will report on all aspects of our work. We will also hold regular meetings with service users.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £20,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £20,000 Building repairs The building is in need of significant refurbishment and improvements to make is usable.
  • Background


    Burnage is an area in south Manchester which has experienced deprivation and service cuts in recent years. We have carried out detached youth work for a number of years and worked alongside hundreds of young people whilst witnessing the disappearance of youth services in the area though the number of young people remains high. On account of this the police and City Council have reported an increase in anti-social behaviour and failing education rates.


    Young people and their families have been neglected in recent years by cuts to services. Working with young people and helping them to reach their potential is at the heart of what N-Gage stands for and they will be our primary focus, however we expect to support families and others who live in the area through the opportunity to access the facilities at our centre.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    N-Gage is an award-winning Manchester based charity with years of experience in the Burnage area and around the city. We see the development of an open, accessible hub which provides a safe, warm and welcoming space for all as central to running our highly successful, flexible and targeted programmes which positively contribute to young people’s self-confidence, renewal and empowerment. We are passionate and committed to growing and creatively investing in the next generation.

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    Christie Spurling

    Christie is the CEO and founder of N-Gage. He has over fifteen years experience as a youth worker, youth centre manager and CEO of N-Gage.

    Rodger Spurling

    Rodger's job is to develop relationships with funders and other partner organisations to help expand and maintain the work of N-Gage.

    David Thorpe

    David is Treasurer and oversees the finances. He is an accountant with significant experience of big budgets and development of financial systems.

    Andy Eadie

    Andy is a Trustee and N-Gage's Safeguarding Officer and provides a wealth ofexperience and knowledge of the education and young people's sector.

Burnage Youth Centre

Burnage Youth Centre


Pays for a three hour detached youth work session