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Berkshire Yeomanry & Trooper Potts VC Memorial

To establish a permanant reminder of First World War Centenary in Central Reading dedicated to; the men and women of the Berkshire Yeomanry past and present and future, Trooper Potts VC whose dedication to a colleague in trouble at Gallipoli reaches out today and to undertake Educational outreach.

October 2009 - April 2016

Charity information: Trooper Potts VC Memorial Trust

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  • Need


    Much work is being done in Reading to commemorate the Centenary of The Great War. There will however be no publicly accessible enduring reminder. There is no memorial to the 415 men from the Berkshire Yeomanry, from across Berkshire, who were killled in the wars of the 20C and no memorial focused on Gallipoli. The story of Trooper Potts VC has been lost for years. Local schools who study The Great War do not have an inspiring local story about the war and local VCs that they can "touch"


    The Memorial will be sited outside Forbury Gardens, central Reading.
    1.Roll of honour to 415 men. It will explain about the Berks Yeo history and their role at Gallipoli. 2.Sculpture in Bronze (life size plus 10%) will depict the rescue at Gallipoli. 3.Info Boards will explain the VC Citation, local VCs (from Crimea to today) and Gallipoli.
    4.Educational Outreach, Primary (Year 6) & Secondary schools, with Berks Yeo & family members of Potts and Andrews, will make a Great War story live.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Commission Sculptor by Jan 2015 to produce full size maquette


    » Funds raised in part. Charity Ball 1 November with Chris Tarrant assiting running the auction. Projected to raise £25,000.

    What success will look like

    The sculptor will be paid in phases to August 2015. Success is delivery of maquette to a foundry by March 2015.

    Aim 2

    Jan 15 Commission and install the Roll of Honour and related information boards


    » Apply to Heritage Lottery Fund. Invite sponsors for each of 415 names at £35 per head, sponsor carved Yeo and VC badges on plinths at £1,000

    What success will look like

    To be able to allocate the funds to undertake this commisisoning which will also include the infrastructure enabling work on site.

    Aim 3

    Commission Foundry to produce a mould of the sculpture & cast in Bronze+ install by Aug 15.


    » Set stand on site for Heritage Open Day 12 Sept, take part in Heroes at Highclere 2014, Work with Major Sponsor to fundraise in local businesses.

    What success will look like

    To deliver the full size maquette to the foundryby March 2015 - gives them 5 months to produce, deliver+ install.

    Aim 4

    Undertake Educational Outreach to April 2016. This will build on the work already undertaken.


    » Working with Berks Yeo, family members of Potts and Andrews & students at Reading College, deliver events to 6 Primary & 4 Secondary schools 2014-16.

    What success will look like

    By April 16 To deliver educational events about The Great War, The Yeo, this VC and other VCs to 4 new Primary schools and 2 existing contacts, and 4 Secondary schools about

    Aim 5

    To unveil the memorial on 4 October 2015 - the centenary of the VC being Gazetted


    » Consult with the Lord Lieutenant for Berkshire's office early in the New Year as to who would be able to unveil it for us.
    » Invite all donors, students from Reading College who have supported us and children from schools where we have undertaken outreach.
    » Invite the 94(Berkshire Yeomanry) Signal Squadron to participate and enage a band for the event.

    What success will look like

  • Impact


    The memorial will be seen by visitors to Reading and residents. A high quality piece of public art & interpretation will be provided for this public space. It will add to the environment of Reading's Abbey Quarter, the subject of a major HLF application it was referred to in the application. The Gallipoli context will attract visitors & annual commemoriation events. The educational outreach requires the children to do work related to the events (draw/ write) demonstrating their understanding.


    1. Cost inflation - Bronze. 3 Foundries in Hampshire visited July 14, competitive quotes gained, all below budget. The Sculptor confirmed price Aug 14.Agreement with local council enables them to place the orders (we pay them) thus enables VAT to be recovered.
    2. Plannning risks; we have completed a pre applicaiton process with no major issues & English Heritage recommended approval.
    3. Raising balance of the funds. Major Sponsor committed to making it happen.


    Facebook, Twitter & website are updated reguarly on actual and planned events and fundraising. Donors encouraged to become "friends".
    We will provide newsletter updates on a basis to be agreed with individual donors.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £153,200

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      Amount Heading Description
      £69,500 Sculpture Full size maquette by Tom Murphy
      £51,500 Foundry Mould £10,800 Bronze Casting £39,000, Delivery £1,700
      £12,000 Bronze Roll of Honour Details of 415 men, Yeo and VC citation £10,000 + Info Board sets context £2,000
      £11,900 Plinths Portland Stone outers, lettering & carved badges
      £8,300 Infrastructure Groundworks and cores for plinths

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    The Earley Charity £5,000 Guaranteed
    The Englefield Trust £5,000 Guaranteed
    The Greenham Common Trust £5,000 Guaranteed
    Haslams Estate Agents £7,000 Guaranteed
    Workmates / Daniel Owen £10,000 Guaranteed
    The Greenham Common Trust £5,000 Guaranteed
    Charities -inc Berkhsire Masonic, Stevenson Trust £4,050 Guaranteed
    Reading College Fundraising events 2013 +2014 £2,600 Guaranteed
    Charity Ball 2013 - net profit £26,000 Guaranteed
    Public Donations / other £6,450 Guaranteed
  • Background


    The memorial will be sited in a public place in Central Reading, just outside Forbury Gardens - opposite the Crown Court.

    Educational Outreach; We work with Reading College, London Road, our Educational Partner to deliver events to Primary and Secondary Schools in Reading. In 2012-2014 we have held events at Katesgrove Primary (2013)and Southcote Primary (2014+2014) and Kendrick School - A level History (2013). Planned events for late 2014; Reading School and St Edwards (Primary).


    Directly 230,000 people of Greater Reading who will have the opportunity to visit the site. Reading Council say 2 million + visits to Forbury Gardens, the site of the memorial, each year.On completion of the Abbey Restoration - 2018 this will increase. Wider Berkshire 600,000.

    Reading College; a class of 50 is engaged each year, 4-5 get involved committee, fundraise & assist with school outreach, builds CVs.

    Schools;Primary 60 childen at 6 events.Secondary 20 at 4 events

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We have been working on the project since 2009. To date we have raised just under 50% of the funding required, mainly in 2013-14. Our major Sponsor, Haslams Estate Agents, are committed to help make the project successful they bring their business network; e.g. Rotary and others.
    Our Educational Partner - Reading College has connected us with local schools; our pilot outreach event, in June 2012, was a huge success. They also do fundraising and communications for us.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Richard Bennett - Volunteer - Chairman

    Focal point with Reading Council, Architect liaison,commissioning work, financial control, strategy with sponsor & Press liaison. Maintain Facebook

    Richard Duckett - Educational Partner Reading College

    Enables us to connect with his students in the History stream each year. This brings student volunteers to fundraise & take part in events.

    John Chapman - Volunteer - Chair Design+ Implementation Cte

    Maintains the Website. Develops the design content .

    Brigadier Tony Verey - Curator Berkshire Yeomanry Museum - Windsor

    Enables military details are correct. Supports Educational outreach events with equipment and telling the story. Engages current Squadron at events.

Report on Southcote Primary Outreach - 7 July 14

Report on Southcote Primary Outreach - 7 July 14


will pay for a name on the Roll of Honour.