Project information

UK Survivor Care Home

Survivor Care for children in the UK whom have been trafficked or exploited.
Safe and secure accommodation to improve the lives of children who are at high risk.
Provision of child protection at it's highest level.

Set-up = 3 months / Home

Charity information: Love146

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  • Need


    There is a lack of resources to safeguard trafficked children. They go missing from local authority care when placed in accommodation where personnel have not had any training to enable them to have an understanding of trafficking issues and the impact of trafficking on children.
    When these children go missing, 99.9% are not found. This is unacceptable.


    Through dedicate housing, Love146 Europe will establish safe accommodations for trafficked and exploited children.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To provide a needs-led solution for trafficked children which will begin with safe accommodation.


    » Provision of a safe and secure home supported by a team of professionals who understand the complexity of child trafficking.
    » Journey with the child to support them through the process and help deal with the complexity of trafficking.
    » Help the child to understand the need for safeguarding and deliver recovery and trauma therapy.

    What success will look like

    Through impact and execution of the set goals / objectives and measurements set out by Love146 Europe.
    Seeing beds filled and rehabilitation of trafficked children.

  • Impact


    To see a decline in the number of children who are trafficked and exploited into the Uk and the individuals we work with, integrated back into the community.
    We will demonstrate the success of this project by monitoring the progress of each individual we work with through an number of stages and goals.


    There is a risk of traffickers locating the safe home and encouraging the child to abscond.
    We have in place a Safe Accommodation / Safety Plan which allows regular risk assessment along with high security and 24 hour supervisions.
    Also a strong partnership with local police and agencies.


    The UK Love146 Care Director will report to the Global Programs Director and submit quarterly and annual reports.
    From this data we will extract 'safe' information which will be shared with donors twice a year. We will include in reporting any necessary changes and positive outcomes.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £37,685

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      Amount Heading Description
      £2,800 Programmes 3 month set-up specific programme expenses
      £17,975 Capital 3 month set-up capital expenses
      £14,200 Salary 3 month salary and related expenses
      £2,710 Expenses 3 month expenses (personnel/non personnel/occupancy/meeting)
  • Background


    We are only able to share for security reasons, the home will be placed in the South of the UK.


    Firstly and foremost, trafficked and exploited children resident and brought into the UK.
    Population through reduction of crime.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Love146 has long standing international experience and a proven track record in providing safe accommodation, including safeguarding and integration.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Lynne Chitty

    Director of Care, UK with over 20 years experience working specifically with trafficked children from abroad. She will act as house manager.

    Qualified Social Worker X 2

    Work alongside Director of Care serving on a rotating basis.

    Additional Support Staff X 6

    Trained and qualified to support trafficked and exploited children. delivering specialised care.


Furnish a safe and secure home

We have been collaborating with groups to form a National Alliance on Care which can provide an effective model of support for traumatised children.