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Rugby for Change

We exist to have a profound impact on the lives of marginalised young people, helping them make better life choices, increasing their sense of worth and employability. Delivering our sessions in PRU's and prisons allows us to reach those who need us the most.

September 2014 - August 2015

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  • Need


    Rugby for Change is trying to solve the effect disengagement has on 11-21 year-olds in pupil referral units (PRU's) or those who are involved with/at risk of crime and anti-social behaviour. The number of inmates who re-offend on release from prison is staggering, with no mentoring or direction this will continue outline the lives they have ahead of them. What chance to our most disadvantaged young people have if we allow this cycle to continue.


    Using rugby as the hook to engage young people we are able to develop life changing relationships. Through, year round, delivery in PRU's and prisons we build focus, determination, aspiration and goal setting. Regular competitions act as a focus for each teams achievement's and residentials are used to enforce key messages. Work placements are then used to develop a greater understanding of the world of work and the responsibilities, behaviour and attitudes that are required to secure paid work.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Delivering rugby in HMP YOI, ISIS


    » 12 months continued long term engagement in HMP, ISIS. Delivering rugby sessions and life skill AQA qualifications.
    » Supporting 5 ex-offenders upon release to help them sustain positive outcomes through one-to-one mentoring with our rugby coaches.

    Rugby skills will be measured which will show respect discipline and attitude. Short term success also measured through completion of AQA qualification

    Aim 2

    Delivering in PRU's


    » Deliver 30 weeks of rugby sessions in pupil referral units across London. Working with schools to re build the young people to create positive change.

    Two rugby festivals will measure rugby skills gained, levels of self worth and levels of respect/obedience shown. Levels of punctuality, attendance and time management is recorded.

    Aim 3

    Increase Employability


    » Work experience gives people invaluable insight into the working world. To achieve this we need help from various organisations in many fields.

    View positive behavioural change in young people through being inspired by their work placement. They will fill out a questionnaire to measure their behavioural change and views.

  • Impact


    We use Personal Development Plan with all prisoners which are highly innovative and have been created with our young people in mind. These are used to engage and inspire, these touch on target setting, time management, respecting others, actions and consequences. Gaining these skills will make the transition from prison back into main stream society much easier for these young people and will create sustainable positive living. These PDP's are also used in our pupil referral units sessions.


    The prison has obvious risks, working with young people who are frustrated and angry. This behaviour is also normal with pupils in our PRU sessions. During prison sessions, staff always work in pairs and are supported by a member of ISIS PE staff. All of our coaches are trained in working with difficult young people and have built up relationships which will highly reduce the risk of danger. All staff are first aid trained.


    Donors will receive a quarterly reports over our prison work, pupil referral unit work and our employability work for Rugby for Change. These will include case studies based on our young people, There will be opportunities for our donors to attend prison or PRU sessions, if they wish.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £20,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £7,000 Prison Work 1 session a week for 3 hours
      £7,000 PRU Work 8 schools for 1 session a week for 1.5 hours
      £1,500 Mangement Costs Staff time
      £1,500 M&E Costs Costs of monitering and evaluting young people through PDP's and case studies
      £1,500 Equipment Costs Kit, resedential costs, balls etc
      £1,500 Festival Costs Venue hire, transportation, medals
  • Background


    HM Prison ISIS is a category C male Young Offenders Institute located in Thamesmead area. All sessions delivered in pupil referral units are London based. We pride ourselves on our intensive work in London, with all London boroughs having being covered by at least one of The Change Foundations programmes.


    Disadvantaged young people are those who will benefit from Rugby for Change. Young people who have been let down repeatedly and those who are angry at the world. These young adults are so often not given a chance to better their lives. These rugby sessions will encourage them to get back into mainstream society, to taker responsibly for their actions and to show that their negative attitude and behaviour has consequences.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Rugby for Change works with those who need it the most and those who everyone else thinks have had too many chances. These young people are less likely to re-offend after completing our session and this is something that is not only fantastic for them but it is a great thing for the nation. Our staff and their dedication are second to none.

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    Alex Bassan

    Alex is a rugby coach and is a key member of pushing this project forward. He is brilliant with the young people and is changing lives.

    Mike Henderson

    Having spent a significant time in prison himself, Mike is now an integral part of our team and works so well with the in mates and understands them,