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The GiveBack Project

This project supports vulnerable young people to offer practical support to vulnerable adults in the community, offering free help with tasks such as gardening and basic DIY .
The young people will gain useful skills and contribute positively to their community through the GiveBack project.

August 2014 - July 2015

Charity information: SkyWay Charity

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  • Need


    The young people we work with behave anti socially, this project gives them an opportunity to interact socially with people in the community who require support and help change their patterns of behavior. These young people have barriers to learning and this project provides a practical way to learn and gain confidence through work experience
    There are a number of vulnerable adults living locally whose homes and gardens have become hazardous due to their inability to carry out maintenance.


    By participating in GiveBack, the young people will feel more engaged with their local community and gain a sense of pride in helping others.
    The project will offer the young people an opportunity to gain practical skills and qualifications which will help them gain employment in the future.
    The vulnerable adults will gain by feeling less socially isolated and their homes will become safer their environment will improve, lessening their anxiety about being unable to maintain their homes.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Identify vulnerable adults whose homes require maintenance, create a set of criteria to prioritise.


    » Promote the project with housing associations and local ads. Meet and assess the need with those identified for the project.

    What success will look like

    To work with 15 vulnerable adults on projects in their homes or gardens
    Complete 10 one off projects
    5 ongoing maintenance projects up to 5 visits (including the initial visit)

    Aim 2

    Recruit vulnerable young people aged between 16 -24 years to the project.


    » Promote this opportunity with young people, interview and identify the commitment levels and how they view the opportunity.

    What success will look like

    Initial assessment of 25 young people to identify suitable candidates
    Recruit 15 young people in total across the life of the project
    Retain 10 Young People up to 6 months

    Aim 3

    Young people gain skills and qualifications whilst working with experienced handyperson.


    » Recruit a suitable handyperson to the project, create a work programme with accredited outcomes and qualifications.

    What success will look like

    15 Young People gain minimum one qualification
    15 Young People gain minimum 3 new skills
    15 Young People gain work experience

  • Impact


    The long term changes we anticipate from this project are:
    Young People gaining a range of practical skills/ qualifications that will enable them to work towards further education and training and / or gain employment.
    Young People connect with people in their community and develop long term relationships
    3. Young People continue to volunteer on a longer term basis in a range of projects.
    4. Support vulnerable adults in the community to feel safer and supported in their neighbourhood.


    We cannot recruit enough Young People to the project - We will re advertise and relook at the criteria for recruitment
    We cannot recruit enough vulnerable adults homes to work on - We will talk to housing associations and community groups and advertise locally
    We cannot find suitable skilled handyperson to work on the project -
    Re advertise in trade journals and go to online agencies to recruit


    SkyWay has many reporting processes for reporting to donors, we will use social media, quarterly newsletters, updates on the our websites and specific reporting on outcomes to individual donors as required.
    We will encourage the Young People to blog about their experiences as well.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £10,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £3,000 Handy Person Working on the GiveBack Project
      £2,000 Qualifications Awarding body accreditation
      £2,000 Materials and equipment Items required for repairs
      £1,000 Transport Transporting equipment and people to sites
      £2,000 Volunteer costs Refreshment/ travel per volunteer
  • Background


    We primarily wish to support vulnerable adults on the local housing estates across Hackney. We are looking to work with all the housing associations in the borough.
    We will also take referrals from local community groups or individuals if they know people who require assistance in residential areas of the borough.
    We may cross into other boroughs if the homes we are working on, are on the borders of Hackney.


    The people who primarily benefit from the project are vulnerable adults. This will include any marginalised adult group, those with: Mental Health issues, older people living alone on low income, low income groups generally, any individuals who are unable to access these services for themselves due to income or some other obstacle.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    SkyWay has been working with vulnerable Young People since 2002, we are a well established charity, who have earned the respect of the Young People we work with. We have built up excellent links with local community groups, housing associations and the local authority, we are well placed to deliver this project.
    We already undertake similar work with Young Offenders and this shows us it is an effective way of working with young people as they learn the value of giving back to their community.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Daniel Mussie

    Daniel is the Senior Development Manager at SkyWay, he has responsibility for the development of new programmes, he will manage this project.

    Penelope Munday

    Penny is the Youth Integration Manager at SkyWay, she has responsibility for coordinating all the youth programmes taking place in the community.